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Living Wills for Dead Banks vs Live Lobster Farms

Banks are dead men walking just waiting for a forensic accounting autopsy. Thus, The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. voted to require banks with $50 billion or more in assets to submit so-called living wills. Seven banks with more than $250 billion in assets will have to show their plans by July. The other 30 affected by the rule have until 2013. The FDIC also proposed a separate rule that would require banks with more than $10 billion in assets to conduct annual stress tests. The tests show how each bank is positioned to handle worsening economic conditions, such as increasing unemployment and falling home prices. The regulator put the rule out for public comment and is expected to finalize it by July. It will affect roughly 190 banks.. … Read entire article »

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Software / hardware to trigger samples for live performance?

I am playing keyboards in a pit orchestra for an upcoming musical. I would like to be able to dedicate one synth to playing sound effects and “single-shot” effects like harp glissandi. I want to have each key on this synth trigger a different sound. I do *not* want to go the route of having all the samples “on board” that synth – I want to use a MIDI controller rather than a sampler synth. I can also use a laptop I’m told that Ableton Live can do this, but I already have SONAR and don’t want to buy another recording studio program just to be able to trigger samples at the stroke of a key. Is there another … Read entire article »

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Debt Consolidation Live Lead Generation TV Commercial

National Media Connection creative live tv lead generation for debt cosolidation leads, live debt leads, debt settlement leads with nationally aired commercials … Read entire article »

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Plan Debt Consolidation – Live a Debt Free Life! Are you overwhelmed by your debt problems? Learn how to consolidate your credit cards, medical bills, and unsecured debt to save money without loans. … Read entire article »

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Retire On Social Security – Live Well On A Budget Of $1,000 A Month

Your Market Is 110,000,000 People Over 55. Most Will Need Help Stretching Their Money In Retirement. This Guide Provides Hundreds Of Money Saving Tips, Like: Get Paid $80,000 A Year To Live In A Mansion, Ocean Living For $10.00 A Day And Much More. Retire On Social Security – Live Well On A Budget Of $1,000 A Month … Read entire article »

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I live in Philadelphia PA. Is there a bankruptcy attorney that charges the least for a Chapter 13?

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skinny puppy live in houston (SONG 1-LOVE IN VEIN)

a badass artist band this troupe is a force to be seen. their career spans over 25 years of music for the eyes. opening track to the insolvency tour. … Read entire article »

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Der Dritte Raum *Live* – Harthouse 100 Live

Tracks: 1.) Der Dritte Raum – Trommelmaschine 2.) Der Dritte Raum – Alienoid Label: Harthouse, Country: Germany, Genre: Electronic, Style: Techno, ————————————– Der Dritte Raum / artists (D) Real Name: Andreas Krüger & Ralf Uhrlandt Profile: Der Dritte Raum (“The Third Room”) is the alias of producer Andreas Krüger and live co-pilot Ralf Uhrlandt. In 1994 D3R signed with Sven Vath’s Harthouse imprint, releasing Mental Modulator in that year. They went on to release another full-length on Harthouse (Wellenbad) then, after that label’s demise, signed to Virgin Schallplatten GmbH for their 3rd album Raumgleiter, 4th album Distanz, and latest release Klubraum. D3R is best known in Germany and elsewhere as a live PA and is one of the few artists to merge techno, trance, house and funk into one new … Read entire article »

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What happens when a house is auctioned due to foreclosure and the owners still live there?

My ex still lives in the house we bought together. My name is no longer on the home but I received a notice in the mail that it’s in foreclosure (default) and that it’s going to be for sale at an auction at the court house in a week. My ex and his new girlfriend still live there. So, what happens in this situation? Do they stay until it sells? Are they evicted the day of the sale? How does this work? We live in California, if that makes a difference. … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Mother’s Lawsuit Against Preschool Legal Help Live March 16, 2011 – Part 2 of 6 Shiela’s call about trusts vs. wills is concluded. Caller John finally calls back to see if there is any litigation against the business for his personal injury. http … Read entire article »

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I live in Norhtern Virginia Any one help me to avoid Foreclosure I cant make the payment of the mortgage?

I applied for Deed in Lieu, but the Lender delay it and went just for the Foreclosure. I have no idea where to go with my family in our Prince William county where the service are so bad. I called different numbers of HUD in DC and VA but they dont care or help at all !! I called money management but the stuff was not friendly . I have no idea where to go or what to do ..Forgive me to say that some times I dont beleive I am living in the greatest country in the world ! The services in here are so bad comparing with Europe or other places I just wanna add some thing for those who send pathatic racist messages confirmed my claims of such … Read entire article »

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