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I live in New york Nassau county and would like help with foreclosure laws.?

I cant afford the mortgage on my rental property anymore and would like to voluntarily foreclose on it. Would the company be able to put a lien on my residential property although co-owned with my wife. Can anyone help with professional advice? … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Olympic Gold Medalist Runner Disqualified

Legal Help Live April 27, 2011 – Part 2 of 6 The partners conclude their call with Beverly. They then move onto their next topic in which a gold medalist runner was disqualified from a race because he was ruled ineligible to race because of where he lives. … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Woman crushed by car! during repo

For more information on issues such as these visit Legal Help Live March 2, 2011 – Part 2 of 6 The partners finish up the call with Mary. They then talk about other legal issues such as liabilities concerning the store Ralph’s selling overcharged fish. … Read entire article »

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Coldwar – Beast Revelations State Control live in Dublin 2010

Coldwar, Basement Torture Killings, Acrid Nebula, Morphosis, Gorebound, Xenocide live in Fibber Magees, Dublin 23.10.2010 Beast Revelations State Control lyrics: World Depression Hunger Drought Global Tension Confusion Fear Deaths Head Beast Revalations State Control Warfare Cycles of Hatred Cleanse And Cull Cult Of Darkness Tyrants Reign Cold Insolvenency Twisted Bleak Deaths Head Beast Revalation State Control WarFare Cycles Of Hated Cleanse And Cull Negative Power Imperial Might Globalisation Insolvency Deceipt Governend By Serpents Society Sleaze Corporate Vultures Buter Oppress Blackwater Silent Coups Masonic Cirrcles Unspoken Truth Financial Empires Opus Dei Fallen Angels Bloody Crusades … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Should Government Help The Ugly People? Legal Help Live August 31, 2011 – Part 3 of 4 The partners continue talking with Andy about getting rid of his timeshare property. They then talk a child suing parents for bad parenting, the government helping ugly people, and Texas courts enforcing nudists taxes. http … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Dentist Rips Out THREE Teeth from man’s mouth! Legal Help Live April 27, 2011 – Part 1 of 6 The personal injury lawyers Steve & Ralph open their show with a call from Beverly. Her uncle is having problems with medical coverage and also has received bad dental care. They discuss the legal issues that her uncle can collect on depending on the damages. … Read entire article »

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I live in a manufactured home that I do not want to live in anymore. How do I go into foreclosure?

My interest rate is 17.5% and my mortgage payment and lot rent is so hard to keep up with. I have never been 30 days late. But I don’t want the house anymore and really don’t care about my credit either. Does anyone know what will happen if I just stop making the payments and let the house go into foreclosure? If my husband and I both have jobs paying us under the table, will they be able to garnish our wages still? Any advice would help. Like I said i don’t want the house, it depreciates it value, and I owe about $30,000 more than it is actually worth, so there is no sense in selling it or refinancing because no one will … Read entire article »

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Legal Help Live – Discrimination in Schools Legal Help Live March 16, 2011 – Part 5 of 6 The call with Jean-Paul about celebrity status is concluded. These lawyers then talk about selective discrimination concerning a pre-schooler who is put in the wrong class. http … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Repayment — Live a debt free lifestyle with Credit Card Repayment counseling

Credit Card Repayment – Consultants for Credit and Debit Card Strategy, assist clients, who are in over their heads and need relief from their debt problems form … Read entire article »

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I live in Sparks Nevada, my house soon to go into foreclosure, what are the laws and my options?

Should I let the house go into foreclosure or should I do a bankruptcy? I don’t want to owe the IRS. Please help me! … Read entire article »

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What if I can’t credit cards and can’t afford to hire an attorney to file bankruptcy. I live in Fla.?

I What if I can’t pay credit cards ot have the money to hire an attorney for bankruptcy??????????????? … Read entire article »

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