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How do I save a marraige with lying and manipulative stepchildren?

I am married to a woman that wants to end our marriage of 4 years. We have two beautiful boys that are very young, 1 and 2. She has two children from a previous marriage and they are now 16 and 14. Her previous marriage failed when they were 3 and 1 respectively and my wife’s parents split when she was very young. I feel like we are doomed and it’s not me that I am concerned about, it’s my boys. I have great desire to raise these guys with my wife. I still love her and when my stepchildren are not in the house it’s a peaceful and loving place. Unfortunately, when they are there it is tense and uncomfortable. The boy is now 16 and been diagnosed with … Read entire article »

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LINK FROM: The problem in very recent history traces back to the September and October months of 2008, when Wall Street investment banks and the US banking system died. These banks have not and will not recover, since they died. Some deaths were obvious, but others remain well hidden. The big banks do not lend money since they are dead, the dirty little secret. Their insolvency is easy to prove, but obscured by altered accounting rules put in place on April 1st 2009. They include generous rules that permit a dead entity to declare itself alive by filing a false accounting report, valuing their own assets at whatever suits their needs. Generally, insolvency plus illiquidity will force bankruptcy. But Wall Street and the Big US Banks use naked shorting … Read entire article »

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Is this bankruptcy lawyer lying to my mom?

I received some toll violations that sum up 470 dollars and it is in both of our names because she owns my car. He told her that she can put those toll violations with her bankruptcy but I thought that was illegal because the violations came from the state of Illinois. Is he right or wrong? … Read entire article »

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is this lawyer lying to my mom about her bankruptcy?

this is the situation…i received toll violations that equal 470 dollars from the state of Illinois and the violations were under mine and my moms name because she owns my car. she is filing bankruptcy and my mom’s bankruptcy lawyer told me not to pay the violations because he will include them in the bankruptcy. i thought it was against the law to put fines from the state in a bankruptcy. is that correct or incorrect? … Read entire article »

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