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Harp Mortgage Program – The New Angel of Hope for Many

The well known Harp mortgage program is also known to many as “Home Affordable Refinance Program” and even as “DU Plus program”, says a source. Although the terms could look different from one another, the meaning for the terms would all be the same. Hence when we talk about DU or even HARP, the meanings in this write up would be interchangeable for understanding purposes. Through various sources we get to know that the program was initiated by the Congress to help citizens across their nations not lose their homes and to get the ball rolling for the mortgage markets as well. For those who have been and worked in the industry of mortgages, they would already have an idea on how effective Harp mortgage program as a tool can be. … Read entire article »

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How many times can you consolidation Private student loans?

Does anybody know how many times you can consolidate private student loans? Right now I have approx $26K in student loans consolidated with Sallie Mae at about 10% interest rate. I would like to get a better one, but have already consolidated. If I can only do it once, do loan companies actually lower the rate based on credit and payment history? … Read entire article »

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Why are many student loan lenders no longer offering consolidation for PRIVATE student loans?

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How many appraisals do I need to shop for a mortgage refinance?

If I want to get 2 or 3 offers for a mortgage refinance, do I have to get 2 or 3 appraisals? Or can I get just one, and use that for all 3 banks? … Read entire article »

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How Many Cards Can You Enter Into A Debt Consolidation Program?

Can you enter only 2 cards into a Debt Consolidation Program?? They are both high balances…one is $7500 & the other is $8500 I’m not talking about debt negociation…just consolidating so I only have 1 payment. … Read entire article »

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Why so many foreclosures? Are Americans destined to be homeless?

Many Americans have refinanced their homes to payoff previous debts. I refinanced to pay off a student loan and other small debts. I do not own a credit card. I am now losing my home because the interest is making my payment to high. Along with the rising prices of food, insurance,gas, clothes. I have medical insurance but what good is it if you can’t pay the deductible. Prescription drugs are outragious even with insurance. My paycheck is still the same. Mortgage companies are robbing people of the livihood. Why can’t mortgages be recalulated be fit what people CAN afford. This country is heading for a huge downfall if we are losing our homes. The county where I live has over 400,000 homes in … Read entire article »

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Provides information about Mortgages, Mortgage Rates, Home Refinancing, Home Equity Loans and many other Mortgage related topics

Provides information about mortgages, mortgage rates, home refinancing, home equity loans and many other mortgage related topics. Try our free mortgage calculator, and find tips provides unbiased information to help you through the mortgage refinancing process. Click through learn how to… … Read entire article »

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Would you like to know how many politicians who are for health care reform are sending their kids to priv sch?

Would you also like to know how many of our politicians who are telling us that government control and delivery of health care is best for us are not sending their kids to public schools? All I want to know if medicare is on the verge or insolvency how can our government reform health care and offer a government option if it can’t keep medicare going? I think that you need to get this answered before you can ever say you are for health care reform that is going to give it away on demand to everyone. If you don’t understand how a government option A.K.A government takeover is going to be paid for, you are insane for backing health care reform. If searching for inefficiencies and taxing those who make over $350K, which … Read entire article »

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How many months without payment before Foreclosure ? then how many months after foreclosure until evicted?

I live in a house where it might be facing foreclosure. I live with my uncle and his brother handle the finances. His brother is a liar and all the sudden says we are 4 months behind in payment and its going to be in foreclosure soon and after that it will be 30 days until evicted. Is that true? … Read entire article »

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Why there are just too many disgruntled housebuyers in Malaysia?

Almost every day, a prime TV channel reports dissatisfied house buyers: abandoned projects, shoddy workmanship, late delivery etc. Yet, there’s no progress in resolving the situation. All ministries in this country have been under spits of fire, except that one seems to enjoy high immunity from any kind of scrutiny. Why? Malaysia is one weird country where buyers have to pay for a property without it being even structured. The laws allow the buyers to finance the project & are vulnerable to liability without strong legal nor financial security. In my case, the company failed to deliver an apt I purchased & is now filing for Chapter 11, yet the same group of co’s is securing a high profile governmt highway & property project under a different name. & this … Read entire article »

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Economics less #2: Many times in US history, economic potentials were squandered by government spending?

The most recent example is Bush Jr., isn’t it? Sure he raised federal revenues by more than 20% by across-the-board permenant tax cuts, but then he and republicans in Congress spent it all when we could have started paying down the federal debt and saved social security from insolvency. Why is Obama missing this lesson by escalating spending well beyond reason, especially on budget items labled “emergency” that are complete nonsense? … Read entire article »

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