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Money Matters: Jewish Business Ethics Join us this January for “Wisdom of the Ages on Today’s Economic Crisis,” a new six-week course on Jewish Business Ethics from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute. Money Matters, presents timeless Talmudic wisdom on real-world ethical quandaries. This course will call into question your business theories, challenge your assumptions, and help you gain clarity on the values that matter to you. Topics include insider trading, living wages, personal bankruptcy, CEO compensation, and freeloading. Sign up today for a truly remarkable experience. Visit … Read entire article »

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Matters of Conveyance

Our clients value our regional strength and local delivery and include private and public companies, institutional investors and government entities. Attorneys have vast experience in all aspects of real estate transactions, including: Acquisition and disposals of residential properties, subdivisions and commercial projects; Joint ventures; Developments; Construction projects and contracts; Leases and real estate management; Cross-border transactions; Mortgages; and Compliance issues relating to land use and regulations. … Read entire article »

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what are the roles/functions of the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in insolvency matters?

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MN Law Firm – The Providers of Legal Help on Common Matters

A basic MN law firm is an entity that is established to advise people when they need legal help. They consist of several lawyers or only one lawyer. When it comes to a big company they have several lawyers whose specialties are different. The big firms are able to handle the needs of a cross section of the society because they have a bigger scope. The small firms on the other hand practice only one or two specialties. The clients of both big and small law firms are sometimes big corporations and sometimes it is an individual who seeks legal advice. The basic function of any big or small MN law firm is to represent a client in a legal proceeding. The case may be a small traffic offence … Read entire article »

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Bankruptcy Matters and Lawyers

Most people think that bankruptcy is a terrible thing that they will carry around forever; however, although bankruptcy will be carried around for few years, it will not be forever. There is a guaranteed solution regarding this matter, the Bankruptcy Law and the bankruptcy lawyers who use their knowledge about the bankruptcy law code can advise the client in a manner that will ease the client’s financial burden. Who can help? Filling bankruptcy is a difficult decision for anyone or their companies; however, it is an option that often has to be considered when an individual or company cannot pay their debts. After debts are discharged through bankruptcy, the debts are erased. In other words you are no longer responsible paying for them and your creditors can no longer bother … Read entire article »

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