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Where’s the Promised Government Loan Money (HARP) for Distressed Homeowners?

THE HISTORY OF HARP Since 2007, when the American housing bubble burst, untold numbers of homeowners have found themselves in the dire dilemma of seeing the value of their homes sink below the amount they owe on their mortgages, putting them “under water” in mortgage jargon. With most mortgage lenders requiring a loan to value ratio (LTV) of 80% or less on refinancing (not requiring private mortgage insurance [PMI]), these homeowners have been basically locked out from taking advantage of the record low interest rates. Seeking solutions, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) introduced the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) in March 2009 thus began the history of HARP. WHO QUALIFIES FOR HARP? HARP was designed to help homeowners obtain refinancing when the value of their home exceeded 80% LTV without having to … Read entire article »

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You Don’t Need To Make Money To Owe Money To The IRS

Article by barbara cruz Are you one of the many who think that in order to save taxes, you have to first generate some sort of income? Though many consider tax planning and tax savings to be one in the same, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After re-negotiating credit card debt, some find that they still owe thousands of dollars of taxes towards the IRS. How does this happen? In the event that a lender decides to forgive debt, the forgiven debt then becomes Cancellation of Debt, also known as COD income, which means it is taxable. COD income must be reported on Form 1040. Take this situation for instance. You have about $ 25,000 of credit card debt to your name and you know you won’t be able … Read entire article »

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Will refinancing my mortgage save me money given the current rates out there?

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How do debt consolidation companies make money?

I wonder I always hear on the radio claims that company A reduced my debt from 40,000 to 10,000 How is that possible? And how do these companies make their money? … Read entire article »

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Should I be worried if a company I deal with is under receivership and they owe me money?

This company is being accused of sales tax fraud. The company states they are wrongly accused. The court allowed them to go under receivership while they defend themselves. … Read entire article »

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Is finding a debt consolidation specialist a good idea or a waste of money?

I have 14k in debt from 4 different sources and just wondering if debt consolidation is a good route to take … Read entire article »

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Hard money lenders of Worcester County Massachusetts Hard money lenders of Worcester County Massachusetts, LENDING III) to maintain investor con fidence. LENDING b) AUTHORITY TO OBTAIN INFORMATION.— HARD MONEY LOANS IN GENERAL.—The trust deed lender may receive, and may request the submission of, any data or in formation from the Office of Financial Research and member BROKERS, as necessary—. has the same meaning as in section ( private investores at of the Bankruptcy Code. LENDING D) PRESUMPTION OF INSOLVENCY.—For purposes of this paragraph, the covered financial company is presumed to have been insolvent on and during the -day period preceding the date of appointment of the Corporation as. insubsection hard money loans a). hard lender c) FACTORS FOR CONSIDERATION.—The Board of Governors and the trust deed lender shall take into consideration the factors set forth … Read entire article »

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How do credit counseling / debt relief services make money?

I see their ads all the time, offering to slash debt in half and such. While I applaud these services for what they are trying to do, somehow they have to make money, or they couldn’t afford to run these ads. Where is the profit coming from. Appreciate the answers in advance, thanks! … Read entire article »

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With all the Gov. Money out there, How can I get the goverment to help me with debt relief?

With all the crazy spending going on out there, How can I get the government to help me with debt relief without filing bankrupcy… I’ve worked hard to have a good credit score, but my bills just keep piling up. I’m not a deadbeat, but I need help… and those credit agency are just another business to make more money…. Any advice?? … Read entire article »

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The Stop Money Worries Package

Stop Money Worries Now! This Package Consists Of Ebooks That Tell You How To Get Free, (and Stay Free), Of Money Worries Forever And 4 Software Applications That Enables You To Control Every Aspect Of Your Money And Stop IT Controlling You! The Stop Money Worries Package … Read entire article »

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BANK of AMERICA & JP MORGAN CHASE STEAL YOUR MONEY SEE VIDEO BULLITIN ! URGENT BULLITIN – CLICK THIS LINK —–} READ HOW BANK OF AMERICA AND WELLS FARGO ARE TAKING PEOPLES HOMES WHO DON’T EVEN HAVE A HOME LOAN THRU THEM – CORRUPT & FRAUDULENT BANKERS ARE AT WORK GOING AFTER YOUR HOME – THAT YOU MAY NOT EVEN HAVE A LOAN WITH THEM !! READ MORE — Warren Nyerges opened his front door in Naples, Fla., to find a scraggly-haired summons server standing on his stoop. He plopped a foreclosure notice from Bank of America in Nyerges’ hands. But Nyerges had “Paid for his house in Cash”. And he’d never had a checking account, much “less a mortgage”, with “Bank of America”- .Now a new species of homeowner is getting pushed into foreclosure hell.But the false foreclosure cases are hardly … Read entire article »

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