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whats the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation and which one is more preferable?

i m in credit card debts rite now and my current creditors charge me upto 30 pecent interest what are the best ways to get it worked out for example do u suggest me debt consolidation or debt settlement? which one is more preferred or if there is any pro and cons associated with any of those or if u have any other suggestions ? thanks … Read entire article »

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How good is debt settlement over debt consolidation? Is it a more reliable method? ?

What I am interested to know is if Debt Settlement really works and if you know of anyone who has been through it. … Read entire article »

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No more consolidation for student loans?

So, I just graduated and found out that my lender no longer does federal consolidation loans and my payments are outrageous. Of course, bad investements on my part long ago. Are there any other options? I could use the graduated repayment plan but that is still pretty high and can go up after two years. I’m worried that with the current job situation, I may not have a job in those next two years. Any advice? Any lenders still doing this? Help! Btw my lender is citibank. … Read entire article »

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My 5/1 arm will reset in 18 months, should I refinance home mortgage now, or wait for few more months?

Current rate of ARM interest is 5.125%. Would it better to go for 6.75% mortgage refinance at no closing costs, if I am planning to live in the same house for next 7 to 10 years? … Read entire article »

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we have more bills than we can pay & we don’t beleve in bankruptcy, what can i expect to see happen (legally)?

i’m 9 months pregnant and waiting to give birth at any moment, we also have a 3 year old little boy. since he was born i haven’t worked full time, but have on occasion worked part time for my old employer (when needed)…they’ve since gotten rid of pretty much everyone and don’t need any extra help. i would go get something in the evening (like at a store or fastfood) but most places in my area are not hiring and the ones that are- are definitely NOT hiring 9 mo. pregnant women… anyway, my dh found out today they are cutting his hours. we will have an excess of about 250 month IF we ONLY pay for our housing and utilities, i’m already deferring my student loans, and we would have NO … Read entire article »

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Acne No More ™: Top Acne Book On Cb- *$27-$35/sale* Up To $45/sale!

Nov 2011 Update: New Video Sales Letter : 343% Increased Conversions! Highest Converting & Paying Acne Program On Cb. The Only Proven Holistic Acne System- Bestseller Since 2003! Top Affiliate Sells 100′s Copies Per Day! Acne No More ™: Top Acne Book On Cb- *$27-$35/sale* Up To $45/sale! … Read entire article »

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Getting a divorce forces refinancing. Don’t plan to stay in it more than 2 years. What is best mortgage?

If I know I will only be in the house for a short period of time is there some type of mortgage out there that will decrease the payments. My goal is to make some repairs and upgrades and prefer lower payments until the sale is complete. Need to allow 2 to 3 years before sale is complete. Live in S. Texas and housing market is stable. … Read entire article »

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Poker Manual – Learn More Than Just The Rules Of Poker.

Learn The 120 Advanced Concepts Of Poker That Catapult You Into A Super-charged Stream Of Money And Power… Any Man Or Woman Can Get Rich By Reading And Applying The Techniques Found In The Best-selling Book: “poker: A Guaranteed Income For Life!” Poker Manual – Learn More Than Just The Rules Of Poker. … Read entire article »

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Who owes more? My Student Loans or Ecuador’s National Debt?

What can I give the International Monetary Fund (the IMF) in exchange to partially forgive & refinance my loans? Bush was my Financial Aid Advisor … Read entire article »

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I need help finding a more sufficient DAW system/music making software. HELP?!?!?

I posted this on YAHOO ANSWERS: Whats the BEST QUALITY music making software on the market? i need something easy… beginner friendly but with a wide variety of sounds… instrumental (everything from your basic rock instruments to the Cello, sax, & harp) as well as sounds for making electronic music & beats too. i looked around online but you can never really tell with advertisements… of course they’ll all market their gear as top notch so i’d like to hear from someone with experience. Thanks ” I ended up choosing magix music maker 16 and its not bad but i was looking more for a system that had individual notes and keys from various instruments that i could string together in any fashion to make my own songs… where as the music … Read entire article »

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how to go about refinancing a mortgage that is already more than the house is worth?

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