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Can anyone more info on student loan consolidation programs?

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How can I reduce my monthly mortgage by investing more $$ without refinancing and keeping 30 years fixed rate?

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Whats Cameron harping on about? Is there not more important news such as events in Tunisia?

Im trying to follow events in Tunisia but every time I switch the news on all I can see is Cameron droning on about his unpopular policies. People are still trying to leave Tunisia. Can’t our UK news programs get their priorities right? Ive ended up having to watch CNN which despite being American it has much better coverage than our own programs, despite the fact we are geographically much closer to Tunisia. … Read entire article »

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Why are my federal student loans more expensive than my private loans?

I borrowed the money when I was young and didn’t pay attention to what I was doing, but after being in repayment for a few years I’m baffled as to why anyone would have bothered taking federal student loans when all of my private loans are much cheaper. I think I’ve heard that private loans are basically non-existent these days, but I have loans from 4 sources. One is a fed consolidation and the interest rate is fixed at 6.75%. The others are through private lenders and have variable rates between 2.8-3.5% Is there a benefit to federal loans that I am missing? $60 of my $140 payment goes to interest. Is it possible to refinance a consolidated loan through a private lender? I graduated college in Spring 2007. … Read entire article »

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I would like to know more about the intended use of the H.A.A.R.P. program located in Alaska, who monitors it?

go online to learn more about this somewhat secret weapon of the U.S. Government. Could this device be contributiting to global warming? also see book; “Angels Don’t Play This Harp” ! The public should know more about how this weapon is being used. It’s capability is a bit scary. … Read entire article »

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Why did NBC put more priority in its news program on the Ramsey case than on Warren Jeffs’ arrest?

The Ramsey case is over a year old and has been harped on continually by the media since it first broke, and concerns only one murder. Jeffs’ arrest concerns a community of a thousand people and involves polygamy with young women, religious demagogery, and the possibility of a major confrontation between the group and authorities. So why did they shelve the story into two sentences and give a major segment to Jon Benet Ramsey? … Read entire article »

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No More Bad Cats!

The Most Complete And Comprehensive Guide On Cat Behavior And Training On The Market Today! Earn 75% Commissions! Popular, Low Competition Niche. Lots Of Bonuses! No More Bad Cats! … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt Management Help – Household Budget + More

An overview of the Budget 4 life Credit Debt Management system. Learn about a progressive financial plan for our changing economy. For more information visit our credit card debt relief website Thank you, Mike Brady Budget4life … Read entire article »

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More Americans seeking food at soup kitchens

Nearly 43 million Americans are on foodstamps and the number of people seeking government food assistance continues to rise. Economically the US has improved slightly when unemployment fell to 8.6 percent, but more and more Americans are living at poverty levels and look to soup kitchens to prevent from starving. Max Fraad Wolff, senior analyst at Greencrest Capital, joins us to help answer why more Americans are lining up at soup kitchens and shelters. Follow Kristine on Twitter at … Read entire article »

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How to refinance when you owe more than your home is worth – Irvine Real Estate – Homes for sale – Like my Facebook page @ — Interest rates in the last several months have been historically low and many home owners who have equity have been able to take advantage of the new low rates, but what about the home owners that actually need to refinance? What about the homeowners that don’t have equity but desperately need a lower monthly payment? Well now the homeowners who need to refinance but are underwater, can take advantage of the new HARP program! Check out this video to learn more about HARP and find out how to take advantage of it! Call Robert Mack – 949-209-7309 or email me at with questions, comments, concerns, and/or to share video ideas! Don’t forget to subscribe to Robert’s YouTube channel. … Read entire article »

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Do More With Less And Simplify Life – Work From Home

Discover How To Do More With Less And Simplify Life. A Suite Of Great Products To Promote Around Being More Productive And Profitable In Business, And Successful In Life. (affiliate Site: Http:// Do More With Less And Simplify Life – Work From Home … Read entire article »

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