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Roughly how much does it cost for a consultation by an attorney to decide if you should declare bankruptcy?

I called one for a quote and he said it would cost $250 for a one hour consultation. Does that seem too much? … Read entire article »

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How much would a foreclosure affect a credit score?

How much would the foreclosure of a $150,000 mortgage affect a credit score, and for how long? Let’s say the mortgage is about a quarter paid off, and the credit score is relatively good (~650). 7-10 years? That sounds more like a bankruptcy. Please note: this is purely theoretical. I am not going through a foreclosure, and I likely won’t, so please don’t sympathize with me. I, however, sympathize with you; it must be incredibly tough to go through one. … Read entire article »

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How much are harps and how difficult are they to learn?

I have some music experience, I’ve been playing guitar for around 3 years and have gotten pretty good at it. I taught myself how to play using guitar tablature and a variety of sources on the internet. I haven’t written any of my own music yet, but i have been coming up with a plan for a concept album I would like to try to make someday. Anyways, I would like to learn another instrument eventually, and I think harp would be an awesome one to learn. I love the sound of harps, and I also think it would be a perfect instrument to go with the music I would like to write. So, I have a few questions about harps. First, I noticed when I did a quick google shopping … Read entire article »

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How much does a co-signer affect your interest rate on a car loan?

I have really bad credit – an early lesson learned. It is on the rebound ( I am paying off my collections one by one). I am out of school and have a ton of student loan debt. I wanted to drive my current car longer but it is giving out on me. I can’t get a decent car loan because of my credit. My current car payment is $250 a month and I have no problem paying it with my income. I ran into some major financial trouble 2 years ago and was 60 days late 3 times in a row. Since then, I am out of college, have a good job… etc. Anyway, a relative has offered to co-sign … Read entire article »

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How can I get a debt consolidation loan? Everybody’s turning my husband and I down for too much credit!?

My husband and I are trying to straighten out our finances because we have a lot of debt (credit cards mostly) and we want to buy a house. Everyone tells us that getting a a debt consolidation loan will help because we can combine all of our debts into one monthly payment, but we kept getting turned down or offered a low amount because we have too much credit being used. What’s the point of a debt consolidation loan if your too much in debt? … Read entire article »

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How much should I expect a bankruptcy attorney to charge me (state of Illinois)?

I’m declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy. I incurred a large amount of debt (about $25K, all credit card). It began with buying an older car that cost me hundreds a month in repairs and continued through other forms of bad luck (a huge roaming charge on a phone plan with a grandfather clause, unemployment, etc.). I’m not the stereotypical shopaholic who wants to get a lot of stuff for free…anyone who saw my lifestyle would see that I don’t live extravagantly. I went to one attorney who quoted me $1700, which seemed like a lot since my case is pretty cut and dried. I know a paralegal who will prepare my documents for $300, but once the docs are done, I’m on my own, and I really don’t want to face a … Read entire article »

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How much does a bankruptcy cost to file? – Logan Bankruptcy Lawyers

Logan Bankruptcy Attorney. Visit or call us at (435) 565-4847 for more information about filing bankruptcy in Logan UT.. In this video, Corey discusses how much it will cost you to file a bankruptcy. For more bankruptcy information, visit or call us at (435) 565-4847 Logan Bankruptcy Questions and Answers … Read entire article »

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I’m refinancing my mortgage. How much will the mortgage broker make on my loan in addition to closing costs?

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How can I file bankruptcy when I don’t have enough to pay the attorney and make too much to take legal aide TX?

Bankruptcy or not to bankruptcy is not the question…its about how to pay for bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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Is there any debt consolidation programs that will not hurt your credit too much?

I am looking for a debt consolidation program that would not hurt my credit too much. I have a 24000.00 credit card bill that is killing me month to month. … Read entire article »

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how much does a bankruptcy attorney usually cost?

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