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how much should closing costs be for refinancing a mortgage?

I owe about 142,000 on my house. I got a quote to refinance and the closing costs are nearly 6,000! This is comparable to what the closing costs were when I initially purchased my home. Should it be this much to refinance the mortgage? (There are no problems with our credit, just a normal refinance for a lower rate) … Read entire article »

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How much does it cost generally to pay a debt consolidation company?

I was wondering how much does it cost to pay a debt consolidation company to help you, because I want to know if it’s worth it. I’m in so much debt making barely and I don’t know what else to do. On payday I usually just have 100-200 dollars to myself because the rest goes to my bills. … Read entire article »

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How Much will a Bankruptcy Cost? Seattle Bankruptcy Lawyer Dean D’Mellow Explains Seattle bankruptcy lawyer Dean D’Mellow explains how much bankruptcy will cost. When dealing with a bankruptcy you need to determine if it’s the right thing for you. You will need to pay the fixed costs and attorney fees. Fixed costs are filing fees, credit counseling courses, and often the cost of a credit report. The amount you pay an attorney will depend on a variety of factors which includes how complex your case is and how quickly the bankruptcy needs to be filed. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about bankruptcy law and my firm, visit our educational website at http where our Video Center has more information. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at (206) 625-9800. I welcome your … Read entire article »

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how much does a michigan bankruptcy attorney charge to do a chapter 7 bankruptcy?

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How much does it cost do get a lawyer to file for Bankruptcy (Chapter 7)?

I am a single person, low income (waitress), just suffered a major medical expense and no insurance. I have lots of credit card debt, no car, house or student loan debt. How much would it cost a lawyer to file my case with bankruptcy court? Thanks! … Read entire article »

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how much should a bankruptcy attorney cost in Kentucky?

and what kinds of things should I ask I want to save my home from a law suit … Read entire article »

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How much does a lawyer typically charge for a person to file bankruptcy papers?

I have a friend who is in debt about 30,000, and is sinking fast. She wants to file for bankruptcy. How much should her lawyer be charging her to file? … Read entire article »

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Filing a RI bankruptcy: How much debt is enough? Attorney Mark Buckley answers question, “how much debt should you have before bankruptcy becomes a good solution?”. It will depend on your time horizon, job skills and present abiltity to make payments. … Read entire article »

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How much will bankruptcy effect being able to rent a home?

I had to file a chapter 7 a few months ago. I am now looking to rent a home, will my bankruptcy effect me being able to do so? … Read entire article »

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How much of a difference is there between foreclosure and Voluntary Surrender?

My life has changed dramatically since I bought a double-wide 8 years ago in Virginia, and it will be foreclosed soon. I’ve tried selling, but I owe more than it’s worth in this economy. The mortgage company is sending out a “voluntary surrender” form they have asked me to sign, saying it will speed up the foreclosure process. I don’t think that’s the only difference. What else could be different? … Read entire article »

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What are the steps to filing bankruptcy, and how much in the state of Wyoming does it cost?

My husband wants to file bankruptcy, this is his first time. If he files bankruptcy does that affect my credit from prior to meeting him? … Read entire article »

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