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Someone forged my name on a consolidation loan for a student loan and the company won’t admit its not mine.

I have filed everything the company (Direct Loans) has asked for including a police report, notarized signatures of my signature, copy of my drivers license and SS card. The forged signature is so sloppy that a first grader could tell its not mine. I have also went to the Federal Omnibudsman and the Inspector general over this to no avail. I have been told to get an attorney to sue tham but I will have more in attroney fees to fight it then whats its worth. And there is no guarantee that I will get arttorney fees if I do win. Does anyone know of a court case that I could look up to read so I can file the suit myself? Or how I could resolve this? … Read entire article »

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Is there a way I can remove my elderly mother name from my mortgage and deed without refinancing?

My mother may need to be placed in a convelescent home. I was informed it would be best to take her name off of my mortgage I am the primary home owner. … Read entire article »

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I’m refinancing my mortgage, would like to remove my bro’s name from title . Is this a taxable event for him?

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What is the best way to remove someone’s name from a mortgage loan if they are the co borrower w/o refinancing?

My mother is the borrower and I am the co borrower. She has always made payments on the loan. It was better for the both of us to qualify. I am ready to move out and want to remove my name so that I can get something. I really dont her (my mother) to go through the process of refinancing the way things are now … Read entire article »

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how do you take someones name off a mortgage without refinancing

As part of divorce settlement, house must be refinanced into my name only. I have already done a quit claim and deed in my name only, but i am having trouble qualifying for a refi with good rates my current rate is 5% can I take the other name off the mortgage without a refi??? I am asking because I need to declare ch 7 bankruptcy and I know that I may not be able to refi by march, I have children and don’t want to sell the house. I have all rights to the property and there will be no distribution of proceeds. … Read entire article »

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Help with name of song and artist?

I downloaded a song from a peer to peer program, the person who shared it said it was called “Call Me Out” by Mat Kearney. However, I cannot find anything on this song and it doesn’t sound like any of his other songs. Some lyrics that I can make out are: “I’ll be there for you”, “Dreaming about you”, “Call me out on something I’ve been dreaming about”, “Didn’t know this time”, “Just another emotion calling out”. The guy uses some sort of synthesizer to mess with his voice so hearing the lyrics is really hard. It’s also a slower song, with a harp or that could be a guitar. This is driving me nuts! Thanks for your help in advance … Read entire article »

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My ex-husband wants his name off the home loan, who should pay the closing costs to refi?

My husband & I divorced almost a year ago. I have been paying the mortgage on the home loan (that we financed together), HOA fees, property taxes etc through our separation and time since our divorce. Stupid enough, we didn’t have this “assest” addressed in our divorce decree. He left me & we both just focused on dissolving our marriage w/ divorce, basically dividing his student loans, my 401k & him keeping the vehicle that we jointly own thru financing. I should have been more proactive through the divorce. But now, he wants his name off the home loan. I can refinance, but I feel that I should not incur the resposibility of the closing costs…not even 50%. After a 2 year marriage … Read entire article »

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Can refinancing current mortgage into spouse’s name improve credit scores?

Will our current mortgage report as “payed-off” on my credit report, and will it cause my scores to increase. If so, how quickly? Will getting a mortgage, improve my husband’s credit scores? If so, how quickly? … Read entire article »

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is there any other way to get his name off the mortgage by sides refinancing?

My husband co-signed on his sister’s mortgage. is there any other way to get his name off other than refinancing ? Of course she is missing payments … Read entire article »

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How do I refinance a student loan into a different name?

When I was in college, my mother was having some financial difficulty and took out an “unsecured” student/parent loan in my name and my grandmother’s name. My grandmother has since passed away and now the loan is entirely in my name. My mom is once again having financial difficulty and is having trouble with the payments, not only is this affecting my credit, it also is making it impossible for me to borrow anything because my debt to income ratio is too high. I need to get the loan into my mother’s name – it’s her loan after all. Any suggestions on the best way to do this? Thanks! Vy Let me clarify. The loan is in my name only now that my grandmother is gone. We signed the loan. My mother didn’t … Read entire article »

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MERS Asks Their Lenders To Not Foreclosure Using MERS Name

Massachusetts real estate attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick from Tewksbury Massachusetts discusses the implications of not foreclosing in the name of MERS. Mers has been under some fire recently with attorneys claiming that MERS does not have the authority to foreclosure under an agency theory with the participating lender. It will be interesting to see what happens to MERS when our real estate problems in this country have been eliminated or reduced. … Read entire article »

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