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Why Do We Need HARP Loan?

Article by Karan Agarwal HARP is short form for “Home Affordable Refinance Program” and was first designed for those people who owned homes that were serviced by loans from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. With this program homeowners were then able to refinance their homes that where slightly underwater that previously didn’t have Mortgage Insurance. This could also be done with loans that were struggling or which had an outstanding balance that was much higher than the value of the house. When HARP first came about, it did not do well in some areas because incomes were being closely watched and loans were capped at a 125% value. This basically meant that you could not own more than 125% the value of the home. There will also be zero limits for value … Read entire article »

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You Don’t Need To Make Money To Owe Money To The IRS

Article by barbara cruz Are you one of the many who think that in order to save taxes, you have to first generate some sort of income? Though many consider tax planning and tax savings to be one in the same, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. After re-negotiating credit card debt, some find that they still owe thousands of dollars of taxes towards the IRS. How does this happen? In the event that a lender decides to forgive debt, the forgiven debt then becomes Cancellation of Debt, also known as COD income, which means it is taxable. COD income must be reported on Form 1040. Take this situation for instance. You have about $ 25,000 of credit card debt to your name and you know you won’t be able … Read entire article »

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How long after filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy would we need to move?

My husband and I have decided to file Chapter 7. We have already contacted a bankruptcy attorney, but have not officially filed. We are going to surrender our house. It is worth less than what we owe on it. We are currently less than 1 month behind on our mortgage payment. How long after filing would we need to be out of the house? We don’t want to get notice and have to be out all of a sudden. By the way, we are filing in Illinois. Please…no responses about how bankruptcy is a bad thing. You don’t know our financial situation. Thank you. … Read entire article »

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I need a personal loan of $5000.00 but my credit is bad, and I don’t have enough debt to do debt consolidation?

I want to combine my debt but I don’t have enough debt to qualify for a debt consolidation program. please help … Read entire article »

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Do you need to be employed for a debt consolidation loan?

do you need to be employed for a debt consolidation loan? also can someone explain to me in more detail of the loan and how it can help me? thanks heaps … Read entire article »

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I have a slow metabolism b/c of my lifestyle, but need to drop seriously 40 lbs. Any suggestions?

I’m 23, 5’1, 160 pounds, and work at a desk job that is call center like, so I can’t get up to move that often. I have a full figure and I don’t eat that badly. It’s still an hourglass, but large, although I am a little thick in the stomach area, which worries me. I really think it’s a slow metabolism. I eat 3 meals a day. I do not eat fast food or junk food that often. I enver drink soda. I prefer water. If anything, I will have a heavy lunch, but a light dinner. When I’m not at work, I’m usually feeling run down b/c of my lack of activity. I get about 7 hours of sleep each … Read entire article »

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Need bad bedt loan for debt consolidation – any advice?

I need to find out where I can a debt consolidation loan, even though I have bad credit due to some unforseen circumstances in life. Has anyone gone through this and who do you recommend? What about filing for bankruptcy – how long does that take before the debts are discharged? … Read entire article »

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If i File Bankruptcy do i need to go to court? 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke of the Second Start Bankruptcy Law Firm talks about the Truth about Bankruptcy. You can speak to him directly. Here he explains why you need to go to court when you file for bankruptcy. … Read entire article »

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I am dressing up as a harp seal and need ideas!?

I am planning to go to school dressed as a bloody harp seal to show the cruelty of the hunt. I don’t really know how to pull this look off, so I would really appreciate your help. Should I just wear whitish/grayish colored shirt and pants and put on fake blood, or what? I can’t wear a mask or anything but I could put something over my head as long as my face shows. Please give me any suggestions you have, but leave opinions about the actual hunt to yourself. I know that it isn’t white harp seals that are killed all the time, but I said the hoodie thing because I don’t have anything gray/spotted. I’ve looked up on my facts. I’ve also worked to prevent the torture of cows. … Read entire article »

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Need a reputable debt consolidation company?

I need a reputable debt consolidation company to refer my fiance to, he owes a lot of money and would like to consolidate all payments to one monthly payment to pay everything off. Anyone ever used a company and had good experience with clearing up their debt? … Read entire article »

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I am completely cluess and need to file bankruptcy what do I say when I call the attorney’s office?

How do I even start the process? What exactly should I say on the phone when I call the attorney? Sorry for being so “duh”. … Read entire article »

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