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Need student loan rehabilitation and consolidation help!!!?

Hi, My husband just completed the “loan rehabilitation” program through a company called FMS. He did everything as they asked, made a down payment and made 9 on time payments to complete the program. Now they are saying for us to get out of the program and to improve my husband’s credit score, we must sign a loan consolidation form (which they try to tell me ISNT a loan app, but IT IS). There is only ONE loan listed on the form at 8.02% (a G loan they called it) but my husband has several other “D” loans and they aren’t listed. They are saying that unless we sign the form and send it back, we will have to “re-do” the rehabilitation program. I would really like to know if … Read entire article »

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what information is need for a Tax debt relief company to work on past tax debt with the IRS?

What personal information would I need to give to a company in order for them to contact the IRS about my tax debt? … Read entire article »

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Private Student Loan Consolidation, a good lender? I owe over 100,000 need low monthly payments.?

Hello, I recently graduated from college, about a little over half a year ago, I am yet to consolidate any of my loans because i’m scarred to lock in my loans at some outrageous interest, my loans are as follows,around: 29,000 in federal 78,000 in private student loans, which would make my payments unconsolidated around 1500 a month, and i cant make that sort of payment nor I think anyone that has recently graduate can, I want to know if there is any place that i can consolidate both of these loans where I can actually make a payment. I do want to pay but I just cant make 1000 dollar payments every month. I’ve had no help with paying for my school nor from the government nor … Read entire article »

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i need to get out of debt – how do debt consolidation companies work? and do u recommend them?

i have combined credit card debt of like 7000 and i am not being able to make payments. i need to move out of my parents hostile environment.. would consolidation be my best bet? … Read entire article »

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I have bad credit and debt and I need a loan for $17,000 for debt consolidation and school. Any ideas?

I have tryed debt consolidation places but I need to loan to be able to do it all because they dont cover some of my debt. … Read entire article »

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How many appraisals do I need to shop for a mortgage refinance?

If I want to get 2 or 3 offers for a mortgage refinance, do I have to get 2 or 3 appraisals? Or can I get just one, and use that for all 3 banks? … Read entire article »

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I’m 21 & need help with my debt ASAP to get back into school. Any suggestions for the best debt consolidation?

I can’t get a loan without a co-signer and unfortunately I don’t have access to one for miles. I’m trying to get back into a SUNY school who screwed me over on a medical leave so now I owe over 6 grand of unpaid balances to the NYS attorney general where the school sent the bill to be collected legally. I’ve tried everything from a salliemae loan to an alternative loan from my local bank, everything requires a co-signer which I do not have. I’m currently looking up debt consolidation web links for help ASAP. Any other help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading all of this, I really want to go back to school and it’s very frustrationg dealing with so many financial … Read entire article »

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I need a fixed rate private student loan consolidation company …?

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I can’t really find the best answer. I have about $65K in private student loans from Sallie Mae. I am looking to consolidate them in a fixed rate. I am getting concerned that rates will soon be on the rise and into double digits to curb the coming inflation. My credit score is around 780. I do not own a home so I can not use a home equity line to pay them off. Any suggestions or does anyone know of a bank or other financial institution that offers fixed consolidation? Thanks in advance! … Read entire article »

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I have horrible credit and need a student loan, fast, how can i get help?

I have horrible credit. I have a private student loan that someone co-signed for me. Her husband saw it on her credit report and wants it off now. So I need to find another lender that will deal with bad credit and get another loan to replace this one and it has to be done quickly. I’ve already tried to consolidate all my private loans but it’s a no go without a co-signer. So it’s just this one loan that I need to get changed. Is there a company that deals with bad credit and private student loan consolidation? I have already used all my federal loans. Because of my husbands income I don’t qualify for alot. So I have to use private loans also. … Read entire article »

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I need help with debt, who will approve a Debt Consolidation Loan?

I’m am not very far in debt but need help getting back on my feet. Everytime I apply for a Debt Consolidation Loan I am denied. Who would approve me? Does anyone know. … Read entire article »

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I need financial advice about unpaid bills and voluntary loan default?

If you don’t feel like reading my long story, skip to my questions below: My situation is complex. I filed for bankruptcy two years ago due to thousand of dollars in medical bills and a car repossesion. It was discharged, I was on my way back to the top and then I got laid off from my job. With my limited income, I had to prioritize and therefore I had to let some bills go. Even after almost two years, I have not been able to find a full time job. I am currently working two part time jobs with no health insurance. My priorties were paying rent, utilities, back taxes, student loans and my car payment. Now I have gotten to the point … Read entire article »

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