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ADVICE needed: A LOT of Student LOAN CONSOLIDATION………..?

Hi everyone. I have loans from college and 3 years worth of medical school (I did not finish). Most college loans were Direct Loans or Stafford Loans I think, and almost all my med school loans were from Sallie Mae. I also have a few private loans that helped pay for school. I know next to nothing about student loan consolidation, so can anyone explain how it works and/or give some wise counsel and advice? I’d greatly appreciate it!! … Read entire article »

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HARP Program gains momentum with NO APPRAISAL NEEDED – Michigan Refinance HARP program is picking up steam and more details are set to be released on November 15th. Stay tuned for more details as this is sure to provide relief to many homeowners. … Read entire article »

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CNN – Bankruptcy law changes needed

Sen. Barack Obama explains his plan for bankurptcy law changes that would help people in financial distress. … Read entire article »

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DN! Nobel Joseph Stiglitz (1) Foreclosure Moratorium – Stimulus Needed to Revive US Economy

Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz: Foreclosure Moratorium, Government Stimulus Needed to Revive US Economy As the Obama administration rejects a foreclosure moratorium and austerity protests grip Europe, we assess the state of the US and global economy with Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, author of Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy. Stiglitz backs calls for a foreclosure moratorium and says opponents of a new government stimulus “don’t understand basic economics.” On war, Stiglitz says Iraq and Afghanistan are “the first wars in America’s history financed totally on the credit card.” … Read entire article »

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Documents Needed for Preparing Your Bankruptcy

I’m Dave Kelly. I’m a lawyer practicing in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. It seems I am spending an increasing percentage of my time preparing and filing bankruptcies. The biggest part of the project is usually preparing the petition. Plan on at least three sessions in my office of about an hour and a half duration. There should be a more efficient way of doing it, but I haven’t found it. It seems to me that if you don’t take the proper time, there’s a lot more risk. The petition is a document that runs about 45 pages and contains about a thousand questions, all of which must be answered carefully and truthfully. The rule here is to make full disclosure. When you sign this document, it is under penalty of … Read entire article »

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Has government proven itself trustworthy in re-distributing funds to solve problems? What is needed?

Every government scheme to redistribute funds falls into inefficiency and ultimate insolvency. Communism has been tried, tested and failed numerous times, usually after murdering millions. Socialism, an experiment in theft and oppression, has proven undesirable from both a quality-of-life standpoint as well being prone to corruption. Capitalism, due to pragmatic responses to competitive forces, is prone to being ruthless and in the end, inhumane. In the final analysis isn’t it the morality of the practitioners of both government and business that is the deciding factor in the end result? Doesn’t it make good sense, therefore, to elect moral/ethical candidates to office who will create a fair and level “playing field” keeping corrupt practices of commerce in check? So why did we pick a socialist community organizer (aka rabble-rouser) from Chicago, the corruption capital of the US, … Read entire article »

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Foreclosures Help Needed in Some Virginia Markets

Some areas of Virginia are still in need of foreclosures help programs as 2010 ended on a low note for these areas’ housing markets. Prices of residential properties declined by a huge margin between last year and 2009, including in several local markets of the state of Virginia. Foreclosures in Richmond and in other areas of the region maintained their high levels last year. However, Clear Capital’s Home Data Index showed that it was the Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News region that fared the worst among all Virginia markets in 2010 in terms of housing prices. The index report showed that prices of residences in the area declined by 10.3% last year compared with 2009 levels. For this year, prices are projected to drop a further 12.8% in the area. … Read entire article »

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How many years of school is needed to become a bankruptcy attorney?

Do you need to be an attorney to represnet people for bankruptcy? … Read entire article »

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HELP Serious Legal Help Needed

I need some real legal help here!!! Like the video says my brother and I were put as beneficiaries for my fathers life insurance. But his wife is fighting me and my brother. This was like the one good thing my father ever did for us! My brother and I need this money like you have NO IDEA!!! We NEED TO WIN THIS!!!! Any and all help is extremely appreciated!! Thank you in advance for everyone who helps out in anyway you can!!! -big hug- … Read entire article »

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Where can I find a free form regarding foreclosure information needed by a foreclosure attorney?

My company operates in thirty-seven states and I need a generic form that would be applicable nationwide. … Read entire article »

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