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Secure Your House with the Making Home Affordable Plan

Article by Scott Pasinski Losing your house in one of the worst things that can happen to any family. Unfortunately, when something comes up and you are suddenly unable to pay for your monthly mortgage, the reality of losing one’s home becomes a cause for fear and concern. Because of this you have to take action at once in order to save your house. Before, you would have to sacrifice a lot of other things just to be able to save your house. But now, with the making home affordable plan, you wouldn’t have to compromise your other priorities just to keep your house. This plan modifies your existing mortgage payment scheme to make it more comfortable for you. This plan helps you allot more money on your other priorities and still … Read entire article »

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Question about the making home affordable plan the government signed.?

I’ve been online and researched about the making home affordable program and I’ve found out there’s two parts to the program: one called the home affordable refinance and the other home affordable modification. The home affordable refinance requires the loans to be either fannie mae or freddie mac to qualify. The home affordable modification helps the others that do not have loans with fannie mae or freddic mac. I keep calling my mortgage company, Countrywide, becuase they posted online that they supposedly started to take applications for the goverment program. But everytime I call, they keep saying my loan is not a fannie mae or freddic mac loan; therefore, I do not qualify. I just want to know if there is anybody that does not have a fannie mae or freddic mac loan … Read entire article »

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Uchumi supermarket recovery plan For the second time in two years, Uchumi Supermarkets has offered its shareholders yet another opportunity to lift it out of insolvency.The retail chains shareholders have now agreed to buy 1.2 billion shillings worth of debentures to clear all debts accruing in the companys books.The debenture offer is scheduled to open mid next month to run until the 31st of October this year. … Read entire article »

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Is this a good debt consolidation plan?

I have about 4500 in CC Debt, spread over 6 accounts. The average APR is 25%. I got the following offer from a Debt Consolidation company: 167/month for 41 months [It includes their $47/month fee]. There are no additional fees and I can cancel / pay off at anytime with no penalties. Just wanted to get some opinions whether I should go ahead with this. … Read entire article »

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Could someone Sue the Federal government If Paul Ryan’s plan becomes law?

I’m 39 years old. Looked at my Tax info just out of curiosity. It was shocked to learn that i have paid nearly 75k into medicare. Threw my life until now. By the time I reach 65, I probably would have doubled that. Easily or possibly even tippled it. If I live my life expectancy, then my payout from Ryan Care would be less than a third of what I paid into it. Medicare has been the same since the 1960′s. Why , as a Senior citizen, should I settle for this? And before you harp on me , I’m registered Republican. … Read entire article »

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Getting a divorce forces refinancing. Don’t plan to stay in it more than 2 years. What is best mortgage?

If I know I will only be in the house for a short period of time is there some type of mortgage out there that will decrease the payments. My goal is to make some repairs and upgrades and prefer lower payments until the sale is complete. Need to allow 2 to 3 years before sale is complete. Live in S. Texas and housing market is stable. … Read entire article »

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Which student loan consolidation plan would be better?

I’m applying without a co-signer and wish to lower my monthly payments (I’m paying about 5 banks right now, every month.) FIXED Interest rate 13.45% 14.10% APR 5.00% Loan Fee $398.73 Monthly Payment OR VARIABLE Interest Rate 11.06% 3.06% Index–3 Months LIBOR 8.00% Margin 11.64% APR 5.00% Loan Fee $330.49 Monthly Payment I realize these rates are a bit ridiculous, but I am backed into a corner. I don’t really want to ask anyone to cosign for me, and I dont want to keep paying $600/month over various banks. What would you do? Or should I try another bank? Thanks. … Read entire article »

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Debt consolidation plan and paying extra?

I just started a debt consolidation plan. I had to because I am having a baby in March and need to be able to save some money before she arrives rather than stressing over credit card payments, fees, etc. I have already resigned to the fact that my credit will be in the toilet for awhile. My question is, am I able to pay extra in the months where I have extra? Do I send it to the debt place or to the credit card companies individually? … Read entire article »

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Dr. Mauro’s 3-week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan

This Detailed Detoxification Diet Plan Was Created By Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Karlo Mauro. It’s An Easy To Follow Detox Program That Helps Clean Up The Detoxification Organs. As Well, It Teaches You How To Maintain A Healthy Eating Lifestyle. Dr. Mauro’s 3-week Detox & Vitality Diet Plan … Read entire article »

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What recourse do I hv against changes in 401k company plan? The “team” deleted the hi-performing Sector funds.

Public US company is changing manager from Fidelity to T. Rowe Price. My Sector funds in Fidelity are named “T Rowe Price” but are not in the new 401k offered when the whole thing becomes managed by T Rowe Price. The company team claims that they have the “fiduciary” responsibility to “protect” their employees against those who ‘don’t have the financial astuteness” to make the right decisions within their funds. The new funds only have history of 5-9% return rates, but the sector funds have netted me year over year return of 26% as I watch it and understand what I’m doing. Other well-informed employees who understand finance are also upset. We want the company match, but need to do the 401k with TRP in order … Read entire article »

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The plan is to be a great singer?

This is what I want to get better at: Making my voice sound like a harp, that can turn into a metal anvil and pound the world with a scream and chest voice of pure intensity. I want to be able to also single calm and soft, loud, all notes. I’m coming at you direct so I can get direct answers. … Read entire article »

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