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what corp. has the best student federal loan consolidation plan?

i am looking to consolidate my student loans, none are private and unfortunately i am yrs behind in this and my balance has increased a lot. any suggestions ??? … Read entire article »

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Hasnt Hillary’s Universal healthcare plan failed before?

Does the rejection of Hillary’s healthcare plan in 1993 indicate that it might be flawed? Is it possible that its a bad healthcare plan? By the way, I realize that Hillary is very knoweledgeable about healthcare and passionate about it, but does she just harp on it because she thinks it makes her look smarter than everyone else? … Read entire article »

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Refinancing options for rejected Obama HARP Plan application?

We applied a few weeks ago for a refinance through President Obama’s new HARP plan. We were initially preapproved, but since then we were denied. We are current and always have been on payments. Our home has lost a lot of its value with the economy (we are in Michigan where it is really bad), but I thought this plan was supposed to help people with that problem. We currently have been in our home for 2 years. It appraises within $10,000 of what we owe, which I actually don’t think is so bad, but I called one company and they said it didn’t appraise out for a conventional remortgage. Our credit is excellent (nearly 800 credit score). We currently have a split mortgage to avoid PMI. The first loan … Read entire article »

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I currently have a little less than $3800 in debt. What would my best debt relief plan be?

I am looking for possibly a consumer credit counseling or debt relief program. Have any of you used one? Who would you recommend? Because of this, my credit rating is unbelievable low and taking on a new credit card or debt is not an option. … Read entire article »

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How does going onto a Debt consolidation repayment plan affect buying a house?

We are looking at an unsecured debt repayment plan through a third party debt consolidation company. Can we buy a house while we are on that plan? … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation: Choosing The Right Plan Free financial analysis to help you decide whether a credit card debt consolidation program would work for you. Check out our Self Help debt management articles. … Read entire article »

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do I have to list all credit cards in a debt consolidation plan?

I am thinking of doing debt consolidation , all the major credit cards I have have 20% + interests and I want help in lowering interest rate. Would I have to list all the credit cards I have? Or can I select the big ones with the high interest? … Read entire article »

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Woodland Hills Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys California Debt Repayment Plan Lawyers 888-946-8529 Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a debt repayment plan & restructuring program. You can pay creditors with no late fees or interest. Contact the bankruptcy attorneys of ANG Legal Group in Woodland Hills, California. … Read entire article »

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How to Plan Your Iowa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Iowa Attorney Jeff Mathias Iowa bankruptcy attorney Jeff Mathias 1-800-997-1395 talks about planning your chapter 7 bankruptcy in Iowa. Call for more info. With Jeff Matahies you only need one office meeting with Jeff, one Hearing in about 30 days in Des Moines and Discharge about 9 weeks later. No client packet to fill out. … Read entire article »

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LegalShield – Commercial Driver’s Legal Plan.

Commercial Drivers Legal plan offers you help with : Traffic Accident Representation Moving Violations License Reinstatement DOT and Non-Moving Violations Property Damage Collection Personal Injury Collection All other transportation related Legal Work….. For more information, go on: … Read entire article »

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HAARP WEATHER CONTROL could be part of NWO DEPOPULATION PLAN, here’s the science.

I put this video together to show proof that US and Russia has been building and using weather control stations for many years. The US has 5 of these stations around the world now. Here’s the whole History Channel program: … Read entire article »

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