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Is it possible to consolidate both federal and private student loans into one consolidation, or do I have to?

do it separately? … Read entire article »

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Can I put private education loans in my federal consolidation loan?

I was just called by Sally Mae; the very rude collection agent was demanding that I make payment immediately for my loan that is 60 days overdue. I am currently doing the paperwork for a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan to consolidate all of my student loans together. The agent told me that would not take care of this loan because it is a private student loan not a federal. Is this true? What options do I have if any to get all of my loans consolidated together? … Read entire article »

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Can federal and private student loans be consolidated?

I have recently heard that private student loans cannot be consolidated, only federal student loans. Is this true? I just graduated from college and I mainly have federal student loans, but I also have one private student loan. I have always assumed that student loan consolidation meant consolidating all of your student loans. Can anyone help me out on this or does anyone know if some places consolidate both? … Read entire article »

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Anyone other than Wellsfargo & Chase still doing private student loan consolidations?.?

I have a problem here and I’m hoping someone can give me some direction. I have about $50k in government backed (sub & unsub) student loans I used for my bachelors and masters. Those are now coming due and I’ve got an application into the US Dept of Ed to get a federal consolidation on them. I think that will be fine and roll into one manageable payment. BUT I also have another $70k in private education loans with a few different lenders that I needed to make up the gaps over the years. I need to consolidate those but it seems like not nearly as many lenders are doing private consolidations anymore??? I know why, the economy and credit conditions. Chase and Wellsfargo are still but I tried and they … Read entire article »

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what is the best debt consolidation company for private and student loans?

Got private bank loans and a couple student loans. I don’t want someone to scam me for consolidation. What company should I use and what’s a good rate? … Read entire article »

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Have 109K in private student loan debt…consolidation?

Spare me the comments on how I should have got scholarships- tried that since my FAFSA says my EFC is 28000 I DO NOT get any fin aid, consequently when I apply for scholarships (which I did 166 freshman year, 82 my sophmore year, 63 junior, and 97 this year-senior) I have not gotten approved for any scholarships or grants. I need someone that has consolidated a PRIVATE student loan (mine through aes) and what they did. Any information is helpful because Ive seen alot on here but dont really know if theyre legit… thanks! … Read entire article »

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How many times can you consolidation Private student loans?

Does anybody know how many times you can consolidate private student loans? Right now I have approx $26K in student loans consolidated with Sallie Mae at about 10% interest rate. I would like to get a better one, but have already consolidated. If I can only do it once, do loan companies actually lower the rate based on credit and payment history? … Read entire article »

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Is there a fixed rate loan for the consolidation of private student loans?

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What lenders/financial institutions are currently offering private student loan consolidations?

Most of the institutions I researched are not accepting applications due to the current economic/credit situation. Are there any lenders that are currently accepting applications? … Read entire article »

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Why are many student loan lenders no longer offering consolidation for PRIVATE student loans?

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Private Student Loan Consolidation, a good lender? I owe over 100,000 need low monthly payments.?

Hello, I recently graduated from college, about a little over half a year ago, I am yet to consolidate any of my loans because i’m scarred to lock in my loans at some outrageous interest, my loans are as follows,around: 29,000 in federal 78,000 in private student loans, which would make my payments unconsolidated around 1500 a month, and i cant make that sort of payment nor I think anyone that has recently graduate can, I want to know if there is any place that i can consolidate both of these loans where I can actually make a payment. I do want to pay but I just cant make 1000 dollar payments every month. I’ve had no help with paying for my school nor from the government nor … Read entire article »

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