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Real Estate Workshop: The Future of Foreclosures by Oppenheim Law With home prices down, retail sales up and the stock market surging, Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Roy Oppenheim predicts the headwinds and tailwinds for the 2011 real estate economy at his next Foreclosure Defense Workshop on January 12, 2011 streaming live from Boca Raton, FL. http If Florida Real Estate posted a Facebook status, it might read: “In foreclosure”. How will last year’s foreclosure fraud meltdown impact this year’s foreclosure defense strategies? As the Florida real estate market sputters into 2011, Oppenheim Law presents a free real estate workshop covering the future of foreclosure defense, a guide to Florida homeowners looking to buy, sell or even walk away from homeownership in 2011. “While the recent fall in home prices and record unemployment rates are headwinds slowing down the economy, … Read entire article »

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Real Estate Guide – How To Rent My House Guide!

This Step By Step Guide Holds Your Hand From Tenant Selection To Filling Out The Lease. Learn The Secrets The Pros Use And Stop Listing That Home In A Market That Will Never Sell. Real Estate Guide – How To Rent My House Guide! … Read entire article »

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what’s the real deal with those student loan consolidation outfits?

that send u a 900 ck for deposit if u agree to let them consolidate ur stuff? … Read entire article »

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Is it better to put real income properties in question of ownership rights in receivership?

There are several properties in question but currently the monies from the property are going to the defendants, but I’m getting stuck with the bill(s). and what is a normal bond cost for a court appointed receivership. … Read entire article »

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Buying Commercial Real Estate Ebook

50% Affiliate Commission. This Ebook Provides The Information Investors Need To Locate Commercial Properties To Buy, Negotiate Contracts Successfully, Finance Deals, Manage And Lease Acquisitions, And Sell Properties Profitably. Buying Commercial Real Estate Ebook … Read entire article »

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Attorney Back Realtors Make Sure You’re Protected – San Diego Real Estate Attorney Backed Agents

San Diego Real Estate Help, Call Oliver Now 760 237 8006. Get Professional help by Attorney Backed Realtors. San Diego Real Estate Attorney backs San Diego Real Estate Agents Sam Khorramian and Oliver Graf discuss the importance to having a lawyer on the team. Sam and Oliver’s attorney is present and active on every transaction they do to help ensure their clients’ best interest is always protected! Because of this , more and more people are choosing Sam and Oliver to help them with all their Real Estate needs. This dynamic San Diego Real Estate dream team is the number one choice for San Diego Real Estate buyers and sellers! San Diego Real Estate Attorney and lawyers bring a lot of value to every transaction they are involved with and … Read entire article »

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Are there any real legitimate Student Loan Consolidation Agencies out there with a real history?

I recently found out that I had a student loan in default with judgment. I thought that this was taken care of in an earlier consolidation agreement and that my last payment was completed back in 2007 for a different loan. It is 2010 and I applied for college. Low and behold there was a very old loan, that apparently for some reason was completely over looked by both the state and the IRS and as I had received my letter stating I was paid in full with no further contact for years, I thought that my loan days where behind me . Regardless, I now have a student loan in default. I contacted ECMC and there sub contractor, Premier Credit to find out what could … Read entire article »

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Real Estate Marketing – What is a Short Sale and How to Negotiate to Stop Foreclosure? – Part 7 – Real Estate Marketing – Prices are back to 2003 levels A Short Sale is significantly cheaper for a bank than a foreclosure – Produced by Dan Havey of Real Estate Marketing This Week Part 7 – Were in the studio today with Kalyn Roberts and Jeri League of the Dreamvesting Group, these two young ladies are experts in the short sale area, they are NOT going to tell you what you want to hear, they are going to tell you what you need to hear. There is a big difference between what you want and what you need in the case of getting out of a situation. We talked during the break about the different types of people; who qualifies, who doesn’t qualify, who this is good for, … Read entire article »

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Foreclosurepass – Seized Real Estate.

Properties At 90% Off Market Value! Great Conversions, Low Refunds And + 75% Affiliate Payout. Foreclosurepass – Seized Real Estate. … Read entire article »

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The Ultimate Real Estate System

Buy Nothing Down, Realize Returns As High As 50% With Tax Lien Certificates And Discount Real Estate With Foreclosure Short Sales. The Ultimate Real Estate System … Read entire article »

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Real Estate Attorney, Real Estate Lawyer in Cherry Hill NJ 08002

Call us at 856-663-6700 for a free telephone consultation! At I.Dominic Simeone, we focus on: Estate Planning & Estate Administration and Probate, Elder & Disability Law, Estate Litigation/Will Contest, Land Use & Zoning Law, Real Estate Dispute and more. After in-depth review and analysis of our clients’ needs and wants, our professional attorneys utilize their expertise to pursue the legal goal with a precise focus and unwavering commitment. In doing so, we believe that we are better able to meet the complex needs of each and every case. Because we deliver the absolute highest caliber service, our clients routinely recommend us to others. We are conveniently located in Cherry Hill, NJ serving Camden, Burlington, Gloucester, Salem, Cape May & Atlantic Counties. … Read entire article »

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