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Short Sale – Homeowners Road to Recovery!

When a homeowner defaults on their mortgage, typically after missing 3 – 6 payments, there lender will initiate the foreclosure process. Foreclosure is the legal and professional proceeding in which a lender obtains a court-ordered termination of a mortgagor’s equitable right of redemption. In layman’s terms a foreclosure is the legal process a lender must go through in order to take back a property after a homeowner has defaulted on the terms of their mortgage. Banks are not in the business of owning properties, and therefore every bank has some type of Asset Management department specifically for liquidating non-performing assets. So, as a homeowner, foreclosure doesn’t necessarily mean all hope is lost. One of the ways a lender can liquidate a non-performing or bad asset (mortgage) is to allow a … Read entire article »

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Economic Recovery Through Debt Explosion

America has been rocketing towards a police state this past year, and of course is dragging the rest of the world with her. The media meanwhile,. has completely vindicated McCarthy in all of this – goose stepping to a tune that would make Stalin blush. Open your eyes a little, examine the blatant propaganda they’re churning out and ask yourself – is this MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or the ministry of propaganda? Not one of these clowns will report negatively on Obama, and are basically in bed with the regime. Will the Obama health care plan prove to be the final nail in the coffin for a nation that spends more than the gross domestic product of the world? Only time will tell. The media is trying to create a world … Read entire article »

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Uchumi supermarket recovery plan For the second time in two years, Uchumi Supermarkets has offered its shareholders yet another opportunity to lift it out of insolvency.The retail chains shareholders have now agreed to buy 1.2 billion shillings worth of debentures to clear all debts accruing in the companys books.The debenture offer is scheduled to open mid next month to run until the 31st of October this year. … Read entire article »

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For a successful business recovery – Decision – National Bank

Just lost a big contract? Business numbers have taken a big dive? Racking up loss after loss? If your business is in difficulty, it’s very important that you seek help as quickly as possible. For a successful business recovery – Decision … Read entire article »

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Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland:: RECOVERY & REBUILDING RISKS – Trading insolvent

Getting back to business: Once you’ve had the opportunity to address the impacts for your family, friends and community, you will then most likely turn your attention to dealing with recovering and re-establishing your business. This video includes important information to help you take the first steps in the business recovery process. … Read entire article »

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Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney asks “Are you in Recovery?”

Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney asks “Are you in Recovery?” Do you feel Arizona is in Recovery? If you feel like you are still “sinking” call for a solution Clint W. Smith PC 480-807-9300 … Read entire article »

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Tenable Solutions Limited Total Business Recovery & Turnaround Solutions

Tenable Solutions Limited, Complete Business Turnaround Solutions in the UK.We are dedicated to help businesses throughout the UK, to deal with and move on from situations in which they may face financial difficulties. No one likes to think about the possibility of things going wrong, if and when the worst does happen, it`s reassuring to know that Tenable Solutions with its team of professionals are perfectly qualified to help you get through it. Our team has a unique combination of commitment, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail and are only interested in you and your needs, not that of your creditors. This means we can deliver a solution that will always be best suited to your specific needs and circumstances. When you are under growing pressure from the Banks, HMRC, … Read entire article »

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Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course

Enter A Quite Rewarding Career And The Possibilities Are Endless For Expansion And Growth In The Judgment Recovery And Small Claims Processing Business. You’ll Surprise Yourself With How Lucrative Court Ordered Judgment Contingencies Can Be. Professional Judgment Recovery & Small Claims Processing Course … Read entire article »

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Save My Business – Small Business Rescue & Recovery Package

Save My Business they cried, so Have A-Go Hero Replied Business Rescue with DIY Overnight Business Success could save more than just your business, it could save most any business a fortune in advertising costs with it’s free use of the worlds most powerfull sales team ever. Creative comedian Nick Ames and his team have put together this save my business rescue package to help local business owners save our small businesses locally. Nick says, if Business Recovery is possible why spend thousands on insolvency and liquidators? Never quit is any successfull marketers plan. How to have Over Night Business Success is here, the next step is yours http … Read entire article »

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Barry Keane, Senate Recovery

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2) Collapse Scene Investigation: Recovery (Part 2 of 3) Tirian

2) Andrew Grant ( ) interviews forensic & insolvency accountants to assist organisations with learning how to prevent & recover from a market downturn, crash &/or crisis. (Part 2 How to recover from a crisis & market down turn) Study guides, seminars & resources on this topic avaiable from … Read entire article »

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