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How To Get The Right Credit Card Debt Consolidation Program For You

Article by Floyd P. Dietz You are in a large amount of credit card debt. As such, you need to find a way to pay your regular bills, plus your credit card. You have been seeing various advertisements for credit card debt consolidation programs, but are unsure as to whether they really work. Yes, they can work, but you need to know the red flags too. Credit Card Debt Consolidation Programs: Do Not Get Scammed! With all of the credit card debt consolidation programs being advertised, you can generally figure out which ones are scams. These are marked by poorly produced commercials, or a promise that sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, there are some people who fall for the particularly unsafe credit card debt consolidation programs. These same people, instead of getting … Read entire article »

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How to Decide if Mortgage Refinancing Right For You

If you’re a homeowner deciding if mortgage refinancing makes sense in your situation there are a number of factors you’ll want to consider. There are many valid reasons for refinancing your mortgage despite the so called “two percent rule.” Here are several tips to help you decide if mortgage refinancing is right for your individual situation. There are a number of good reasons for any homeowner to consider mortgage refinancing. Many choose to refinance because they want a lower interest rate, payment amount, a new lender, or need to cash out equity in their home. These are all perfectly good reasons that go against the so called mortgage refinancing “two percent rule” The Two Percent Rule of Mortgage Refinancing The two percent rule of refinancing says that you should never refinance your mortgage … Read entire article »

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Are my parents making the right decision for Debt Consolidation?

My parents have decided to go with a company that says they should not pay anyhting for 3 months or so and then they will be able to negotiate with creditors better. they have to put 1400.00 down to get started with this company. i dont like the sound of this, but i dont know exactly what debt consolodation companies do. Help! … Read entire article »

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When is debt consolidation the right choice?

I have about 45 grand in secured debt (car, truck, motorcycle, atv) I am not behind on payments (about 1100/month) but am curious to know if I could reduce my monthly payments by consolidating and I have good credit and was wondering if it would it reflect poorly on my credit if I did also? … Read entire article »

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What’s a good mortgage refinance rate right now?

Looking at refinancing a home loan. I have over 25% equity in my home and an excellent credit score. Currently paying 6.5% on a 30-yr fixed and I know I can do better. What rates are out there in the market right now? Looking for fixed 15 years minimum or adjustable 5 years or more. … Read entire article »

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Shpoonkle-on line source to help connect clients w/ the right attorney

Making Justice Affordable — that there is legal help out there for you if you need it within your budget. … Read entire article »

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Far right Jobbik burns EU flag at rally

Opposition far-right extremist Jobbik party demands exit from European Union. (14.1.2012, Budapest) Two MPs of Jobbik, the second biggest opposition party in Hungarian parliament, set an European Union flag on fire at the protest in front of the European Commission offices in Budapest. Thousands protested against the EU on Saturday at a rally of the far-right Jobbik party, calling for Hungary’s exit from the bloc and adding pressure on the government which is seeking a funding deal with the EU and IMF to avert insolvency. ‘This week the EU declared war on Hungary in a very harsh and open way,’ Csanad Szegedi, a Jobbik member of European Parliament told the crowd of around 2000 demonstrators. … Read entire article »

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How the Right Wing Destroyed the US Postal Service

From the Majority Report, live MF 11:30am EST and via daily podcast at Majority.FM Steps taken during the Bush administration are the reason why the once successful US Postal Service is currently in financial trouble. Sam takes a look at the Right Wing cause to privatize the mail and destroy a US institution. The Truth Out article on this by Allison Kilkenny: … Read entire article »

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Am I going the right direction? 560-580 credit score.?

I finally started tackling my credit score last year after being laid off from a previous job 3 times in five years that hurt my credit and I know in the long run it will help but my credit score hasn’t gone up yet. I only have 4 negative items left of my credit report and I’m making payments on all of them and they will be finished in just a few months. So far, everyone that I have paid off has removed the negative marks on my credit report and I only have 2 credit cards with $500 limits that hare helping me pay off everyone. Since my family has been living on $300 less a month and we are used to it, I plan on taking that money … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation: Choosing The Right Plan Free financial analysis to help you decide whether a credit card debt consolidation program would work for you. Check out our Self Help debt management articles. … Read entire article »

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Is A Debt Consolidation Loan Right For You? Is A Debt Consolidation Loan Right For You? Learn the factors you need to consider when deciding to take out a debt consolidation loan … Read entire article »

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