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How do I save a marraige with lying and manipulative stepchildren?

I am married to a woman that wants to end our marriage of 4 years. We have two beautiful boys that are very young, 1 and 2. She has two children from a previous marriage and they are now 16 and 14. Her previous marriage failed when they were 3 and 1 respectively and my wife’s parents split when she was very young. I feel like we are doomed and it’s not me that I am concerned about, it’s my boys. I have great desire to raise these guys with my wife. I still love her and when my stepchildren are not in the house it’s a peaceful and loving place. Unfortunately, when they are there it is tense and uncomfortable. The boy is now 16 and been diagnosed with … Read entire article »

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Will refinancing my mortgage save me money given the current rates out there?

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Mayor Ed Koch on rent control, his sexuality, Andrew Cuomo, and how he helped save New York

In 1978, New York City was crumbling and the leading indicator of America’s seemingly irreversible decline. The South Bronx, once a thriving middle-class neighborhood, had became a national symbol of urban horror. From 1960 to 1980, New York’s murder rate tripled. Out-of-control spending had brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy, leading to a state takeover of its finances. The city’s subway was plauged by crime, graffiti, and equipment breakdowns. On July 13th, 1977, the city reached its nadir when a 24-hour blackout gave way to mass looting. Bushwick, a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn, was practically burned to the ground. Then in 1978, Edward Irving Koch became New York’s 105th Mayor. A veteran congressman from Manhattan, Koch’s chutzpah was exactly what the city needed. A self-proclaimed “liberal with sanity,” … Read entire article »

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Stop Foreclosure and Save California Homes with loan modification

To ease your real estate troubles ensure you use a law firm. Beware of scam artists who want to rip you off. … Read entire article »

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Euro Crisis: Germany and France Taking Lead, But Is It Enough to Save the Euro?

Germany and Europe are trying to impose austerity on the rest of the continent, but will it work? Can the European Union keep the Euro, or will the common currency collapse? Is default the only answer for European countries like Greece? Hear what the Front Page regulars think. … Read entire article »

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URGENT: Save Bronx Masjid From Foreclosure!

Do your part! Even if it’s giving $10! We can save this Masjid together insha’Allah! www.BronxMuslimCenter.Org Reupload … Read entire article »

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Which Type of Bankruptcy is Best to Save My Home from Foreclosure?

Ted Machi answers the question, “Which type of bankruptcy is best to save my home from foreclosure?” Ted Machi & Associates, PC has served North Texans for more than 30 … Read entire article »

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Resi Switch & Save – Mortgage Refinancing 30sec, September 2006

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Resi Switch & Save – Mortgage Refinancing 60sec, September 2006

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How will I save money from mortgage refinancing?

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Save thousands settling your own debt – Debt Settlement Self Test

The following video is a test to see if debt settlement is the right option for you to eliminate your debt. With The Debt Settlement Bible, you can eradicate your debt through the debt settlement process. Save thousands in debt settlement fees by doing your own debt negotiations. The Debt… … Read entire article »

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