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will getting a federal consolidation loan affect your chances of getting graduate school loans?

I have two jobs and still struggle to pay my student loans and for this reaosn I am considering a consolidation loan. Eventaully I owul dlike to go to graduate school. If I were to get a consolidation loan would that affect my eligibility for grad school loans in the future? … Read entire article »

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Consolidation Student Loans when deffering for school?

I am about to go to graduate school in the fall so I will be deferring my student loans. Right now I have a Stafford and Perkins loan. Should I consolidate these before deferring? Also, when deferring are my interest rates locked or do they increase? Anyone have a real answer or experience? … Read entire article »

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I have bad credit and debt and I need a loan for $17,000 for debt consolidation and school. Any ideas?

I have tryed debt consolidation places but I need to loan to be able to do it all because they dont cover some of my debt. … Read entire article »

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I’m 21 & need help with my debt ASAP to get back into school. Any suggestions for the best debt consolidation?

I can’t get a loan without a co-signer and unfortunately I don’t have access to one for miles. I’m trying to get back into a SUNY school who screwed me over on a medical leave so now I owe over 6 grand of unpaid balances to the NYS attorney general where the school sent the bill to be collected legally. I’ve tried everything from a salliemae loan to an alternative loan from my local bank, everything requires a co-signer which I do not have. I’m currently looking up debt consolidation web links for help ASAP. Any other help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks for reading all of this, I really want to go back to school and it’s very frustrationg dealing with so many financial … Read entire article »

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Law School: I’m considering taking a total of $150K worth of student loans.?

Debt calculators tell me that if I refinance the term to 30 years, my payment will be over $900/mo. Practicing attorneys, would you suggest I do this, or should I chose a more affordable school. Keep in mind, the average starting salary for this school of choice is $130k/yr, but on the east coast. … Read entire article »

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Will i be able to get into an ivy league school?

So I am a freshman which i guess is kind of early but hey it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead. Some information about me: I take 4 honors classes (Geometry, English I, Biology, and World History) I am very good at speaking Spanish and am in the highest level class offered to freshmen. I will probably do a foreign exchange program at some point to improve my conversational skills I am on the tennis team, varsity swim team, and lacrosse. I am also in concert band and marching band for playing the baritone horn. I plan on joining the school’s jazz band next year. I have been playing piano for a long time (since i was 7) I also play guitar and may take up the harp Also, I am a part of the youth … Read entire article »

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Sakura play by Harp Students of Moffett Elemetary School

A Musical gift from the Children of Moffett Elementary School in Lennox, California to the children of disaster stricken Japan. These children pray for hope and quick recovery. Performed by students at Moffett Elementary School Lennox, California Harps in Our Public Schools Program sponsored by Young Musicians Foundation @ 2011 All rights reserved Young Musicians Foundation Beverly Hills, California … Read entire article »

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school loan consolidation – Consolidate your student loan quick and easy! M Discover VISA American Express … Read entire article »

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Why Introduce Finance Studies at School?

Interview with Wendy Van Den Hende of PFEG about financial education. … Read entire article »

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Can you recieve finacial aid for school if you are claiming bankruptcy?

I am a divorced man in his 30s and restarting my life. Im in the process of claiming bankruptcy, as during the divorce we allowed the house to go to forecloser. I would like to go to school but im not sure if im going to be able to afford it without finacial aid. Any help would be very appriciated, thanks you all very much. … Read entire article »

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Better At School, The Essential Guide To Help Kids Improve At School

Better At School Is An Open Door To The Teacher’s Mind. To Help Your Kids Perform At School, You Need To Understand Expectations. After Reading This Book, Your Kids Will Study Independently, Choose The Right Priorities And Put Their School Work First. Better At School, The Essential Guide To Help Kids Improve At School … Read entire article »

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