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CA Attorney General Kamala Harris Announces $18 Billion Mortgage Settlement

February 9th, 2012, Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced an historic billion settlement with banks to bring relief to hundreds of thousands of California homeowners. … Read entire article »

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Mortgage settlement reached

02/09/12 A multi-billion dollar settlement was reached between the nation’s largest banks and 49 states, following lengthy government investigations into mortgage-related practices. … Read entire article »

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Debt Settlement vs Mortgage Refinance? Advantages and disadvantages

When individuals are faced with a mountain of debt, they could consider bankruptcy, debt counseling, debt negotiation, or refinancing mortgage Home mortgage refinancing seems like a great option when personal credit card debt appears to be insurmountable. Yet you should be aware of good, the bad, and also the ugly of refinancing while also comparing it to debt consolidation. Many people go through the concept of refinancing their mortgage to repay high interest personal credit card debt like a no-brainer. The truth is, taking 10K of credit debt with 15, 20, or 25% interest levels and turning it into a low interest mortgage has its advantages. However the decision isn’t really easy, as others might believe. Rather, it’s a serious matter that needs a large amount of attention. For those who have … Read entire article »

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Mortgage Settlement

Article by Hj Sofian Mortgage debt settlement can be done in various ways. Negotiate for lower mortgage and refinance rates. You can approach the credit agency or the bank for a lower rate of interest when the authorities declares a lower interest rate. In this process, you have to pay lower rates of interest. Isn’t that just magnificent. This is because if the rates of interest start to growth, then the lenders will just gain the tenure of your debt. They’ll assure that you pay up once the rates growth. Nonetheless they might not give you discount as the rates of interest fall. It’s in your own financial concern to keep on track of the rates of interest.However, you can save while doing your mortgage payments. This can be treated by … Read entire article »

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whats the difference between debt settlement and debt consolidation and which one is more preferable?

i m in credit card debts rite now and my current creditors charge me upto 30 pecent interest what are the best ways to get it worked out for example do u suggest me debt consolidation or debt settlement? which one is more preferred or if there is any pro and cons associated with any of those or if u have any other suggestions ? thanks … Read entire article »

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How good is debt settlement over debt consolidation? Is it a more reliable method? ?

What I am interested to know is if Debt Settlement really works and if you know of anyone who has been through it. … Read entire article »

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Can you tell me which is better , debt settlement or debt consolidation?

I want to try to pay off the debt in approx. 3 yrs. I do care about my credit score, but at this point I want to payoff the debt as soon as possible. … Read entire article »

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Has anyone worked with Precision Debt Relief or other settlement companies?

I would like to know if anyone has used Precision or another settlement company and how it went. Please if you’ve used one, answer. As a person who has gotten into too much credit card debt paying for school and moves, etc. I need to do something so that I can be able to pay my bills. I’ve exhausted many options. If this doesn’t work, I feel I may have to declare bankruptcy. Please do not respond if you have nothing helpful to say. … Read entire article »

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Difference Between Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy –Call Us At (916) 780-7005

Attorney Maxwell R. Huffman discusses the difference between debt settlement and bankruptcy –Call Us At (916) 780-7005 –Visit our website: … Read entire article »

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Which is the better option in regards to reducing debt: debt consolidation or debt settlement (negotiation)?

There has been considerable debate between two specific debt reducing options: debt consolidation and debt settlement (negotiation). I’m trying to decide which is the best option to select if one wants to reduce their financial debt (specifically credit card debt). I’m sure there’s pros and cons to both options, however which is more effective? Please advise. … Read entire article »

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I received a settlement from a wreck ,do i have repay my debt consolidation off first as I have been told?

I have been told by several people that I had to use settlement money I received to pay my debt consolidation off as soon as possible . Does anyone know if this is true? … Read entire article »

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