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US /UK Economy- Unemployment ,Small Businesses Suffer

UK and US unemployment rises, jobs are being lost, insolvencies rise, people are losing houses and assets, small businesses struggle to keep afloat, high street shopping is declining, GDP still in decline. These are the classic signs of a deep recession which we are told that we are slowly emerging from- yet the negative figures tell a different story. … Read entire article »

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can somebody explain how a home refinancing works,does it make your payments small or bigger?

i’m nearing the end of myprepayment peanalty,i’m thinking of refi the house to a fix mortgage and take some money out.also pay some student does this add up.i have a 150k equity sitting on my house since we bought it 2 years ago.does my payment go up or about the same.need your professional opinion on this one.i had avoided refinancing my house due to the prepayment around 15k. … Read entire article »

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Can or SHOULD I use some of my student loan refund to pay off small credit card debt?

I am starting my masters program in a month and I was just approved for a student loan $10000 over what I need for the entire year, including books & fees. I am trying to decide whether to reject or accept the overage amount. My husband and I are in minimal debt – about $3000 of stupid credit card charges that have a ridiculous rate and could use the money to pay it off so we could better our credit and refinance our home and get a better car loan rate when we have to buy a new car in December (lease is up). Anyways, I am trying to decide whether to accept some of the overage. I could also say it was child care and other education related expenses … Read entire article »

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Would refinancing our mortgage lesson my chances of getting a business loan to start a small business?

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Small Site Seller

How To Develop And Sell Turnkey Websites On eBay┬« Small Site Seller … Read entire article »

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Foreclosure Defense, Contract Law Small Business & DUI Attorney Clearwater & Tampa, Florida (FL) – The Hildebrandt Law Group is experienced in helping clients facing a criminal or traffic offense, business litigation matter & contract disputes in Clearwater & Tampa, Florida (FL) area. Call us at 727-329-0050 a free telephone consultation or to schedule an appointment. … Read entire article »

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Safeguard Your Small Business Protect and Grow Your Small Business. You can access the expert Business Advice and information you need to help your small Business. Areas such as Receivables,Tax Issues, Marketing, Legal Issues … Read entire article »

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Is Bankruptcy Right for your Small Business? One of the hardest things you can do is own a small or medium sized business. In today’s economy, there is no shortage of reasons that small and medium sized businesses are facing problems: Did you pay too much for your business or experience cost overruns when you opened? Do you finance your business with high interest credit cards or by failing to pay taxes on time? Are pending lawsuits diverting time and money from your business? Can your business survive in a very difficult economy. Sometimes, even good businesses need assistance to thrive. What are your options? How can you work through it? Can bankruptcy help me reorganize my debts, cut costs and give me the breathing space I need to turn the corner? Chapter 11 bankruptcy may … Read entire article »

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UK small businesses fear insolvency over rate rise

A business survey has revealed that 18 per cent of small businesses fear they will go insolvent if UK interest rates rise to 4.5%. R3, the turnaround and recovery association, polled over 300 small businesses to see how they would be affected by interest rate rises. … Read entire article »

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Unsecured Small Business Loan: Make Your Dreams Come True

Unsecured small business loan as the name implies are especially meant for business people. Requirement of cash is pretty obvious. Every entrepreneur is either running a business or wants to set up a new business. For that first requirement is money. Money can be availed easily through these finances.Applicant can get fast cash but first he/she has to fulfill some eligibility requirements: The primary advantage of these finances is that they do not require any collateral. That is why people attract mostly to these finances. Any businessman can qualify for these loans and first requirement is to fulfill the above eligibility criteria. The easiest way to apply is through online process. This process is hassle free and saves the time and money of the applicant. Through this process borrower can … Read entire article »

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Starting a small Business, LLC Video: The Scoot’n Yinzer | LegalZoom LegalZoom helped me form my LLC. I was laid off from my job in June 2009, so to make ends meet, I started repairing Vespa motor scooters in my garage. I used Legal Zoom to help me keep my very, very small business above board legally with helping me form my LLC. If I need future legal help I plan on using LegalZoom because they did such a good job helping me start my business. | LegalZoom Customer Story Contest … Read entire article »

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