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Debt Solutions 101 with Avraham & Robinson LLP

A short interview with the partners of Avraham & Robinson, LLP, a San Diego law firm specializing in real estate, business, corporate and bankruptcy law. The law firm’s real estate practice includes both transactional and litigation work, and includes specialized areas such as telecom, leasing, zoning, and residential & commercial real estate. The law firm’s bankruptcy practice includes Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 debtor representation. This video is a general discussion and overview of some possible debt solutions for those local San Diego residents suffering from financial distress. … Read entire article »

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Your Money Experts – Debt Solutions

Most people feel that the UK Insolvency / Debt solutions industry is a minefield. There are so many options, but so few truly independent advisors. Many so called advisors are merely selling their own particular product or service, others are using call centres where the person who is advising you has no real knowledge or experience of debt & is just working from a sales script. So what are your main options? Well, theres a lot to be said for brevity so, Ill keep this nice & brief; 1. DEBT CONSOLIDATION take out a new loan to consolidate your debts into 1 easily manageable payment. The credit crunch has made this option much harder particularly for people with adverse credit ratings. 2. DEBT MANAGEMENT Utilise the services of a Debt … Read entire article »

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Tenable Solutions Limited Total Business Recovery & Turnaround Solutions

Tenable Solutions Limited, Complete Business Turnaround Solutions in the UK.We are dedicated to help businesses throughout the UK, to deal with and move on from situations in which they may face financial difficulties. No one likes to think about the possibility of things going wrong, if and when the worst does happen, it`s reassuring to know that Tenable Solutions with its team of professionals are perfectly qualified to help you get through it. Our team has a unique combination of commitment, professionalism, expertise and attention to detail and are only interested in you and your needs, not that of your creditors. This means we can deliver a solution that will always be best suited to your specific needs and circumstances. When you are under growing pressure from the Banks, HMRC, … Read entire article »

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Geoff Walsh at Legislative Summit on Foreclosure Solutions

Legislative Summit in Olympia, Washington on foreclosure solutions. This segment features Geoff Walsh of the National Consumer Law Center speaking about foreclosure prevention and mediation programs across the nation … Read entire article »

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Miracle Debt Solutions on the Doug Fabian Show (KRLA 870 in Los Angeles)

December 11, 2009 prep for 12/12/2009 show KRLA 870 Los Angeles 10AM-11AM … Read entire article »

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Chicago Bankruptcy Myths Lawyer Schaumburg Debt Solutions Attorneys Illinois 312-445-9106 Chicago Debt Solutions explains some bankruptcy myths and can advise you on what the consequences are of filing. Contact the Chicago, Illinois attorneys for bankruptcy help. … Read entire article »

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Premier Debt Solutions: Debt Settlelment Services

Premier Debt Solutions provides debt relief and debt negotiation services by an attorney-owned debt settlement processing company … Read entire article »

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ClearStart TV Advert – Debt Advice and Solutions – The first ClearStart TV advert, first broadcast in January 2010. ClearStart provide specialist debt advice, debt solutions and immediate support to help you address your debt problems. Have your say on our blog http Twitter … Read entire article »

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Guide to Debt Solutions

If you’re struggling with debt contact Debt Free Direct on 0800 298 8836 for support and advice. With many debt solutions on the market you need to be sure you choose the right one. This short guide explains the main debt solutions available. If you owe more than £12000, an IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement can be an effective way of clearing your debt over a 5 year period by only paying off what you can afford. An IVA is a legally binding debt solution available to those in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For those in Scotland who are facing serious debt problems a Protected Trust Deed is equivalent to an IVA. Even for very serious debts, bankruptcy should be viewed as your last resort. It is the most … Read entire article »

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Help I Can’t Poo – Solutions For Infant And Child Constipation

Written Specifically For Infants And Children, This Ebook Has Easy To Understand Solutions And Addresses All Aspects Of Constipation In Babies Including Breastfeeding, Using Infant Formulas, Facing Emotional Fears, Food Intolerances And Fussy Eaters. Help I Can’t Poo – Solutions For Infant And Child Constipation … Read entire article »

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Credit Card Debt, Debt Help, Debt Solutions, Credit Card Re – Find your way today out of the credit card debt trap with the original one and only credit card debt relief program! The call is free and the relief is real. Contact us today for fast debt relief from your creditors and a solution that is second to none. Credit Card Relief has mediated over $150 million in debt that has resulted in the debt freedom of many thousands of Americans, isn’t it your turn? … Read entire article »

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