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Supermerkel & Greek Bankruptcy (English subtitles)

German economy minister and vice chancellor Philipp Rösler said there should be no more ‘restrictions on free thought’ regarding a possible Greek bankruptcy… … Read entire article »

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Max Keiser on the Greek Crisis (with Greek subtitles)

UPDATE 4: Συνταγματική ΕΚΤΡΟΠΗ και για τη ΣΑΠΙΑ συμφωνία στήριξης: * ΨΗΦΙΣΤΕ τον Μax Keiser ΠΡΟΕΔΡΟ: * Post στο blog μου με το κείμενο ΟΛΗΣ της συνέντευξης: Max Keiser lashing out against Goldman Sachs, defending Greece! Greek subtitles and other effects added. You MUST WATCH this, if you’re interested in the Greek debt crisis and/or the “financial terrorists” causing it (as Max calls them)… UPDATE: Under the headline Plot against the Greeks, Financial Times Deutschland said the aid package was in fact a rescue for Germany and euro zone countries, not Greece, adding: Athens would be better off with insolvency. Thank you, dear Greeks, for allowing us to save you. Thank you for taking our billions, which my tax contributions will have the honour to guarantee. … Read entire article »

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G8 Uncovered (German subtitles)

Damned by Debt Relief challenges the Live8-G8 debt relief jamboree. Eloquent and angry Ghanaians cut through the spin and explain; debt relief provided no new money and draconian conditions applied. Damned by donor diktat, Ghanaians are not impressed by the West’s supposed largesse. … Read entire article »

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Gold price continues to rise! (subtitles) by Carlos Bendayan

Why Gold rises?, What are the reasons for the rise in gold?, Which makes up the gold? , So far as gold?. Why gold price is rising ? Carlos Bendayan, To understand the current price of gold we will go back to 1980 when the crisis erupted at the time was called “Saving & Loan Crisis” in Spanish would call La Crisis de Ahorro y Prestamo, which ended with only 747 financial institutions in the United States, and trigger a global sovereign debt especially in Latin American countries where the insolvency and refinancing were the headlines daily. It was then at the height of the crisis that gold prices reached their peak price of $ 850 an ounce. That price if we currently adjusting for cumulative inflation and devaluation of … Read entire article »

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