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The US Government Owes You – IRS Debt Relief Programs Are in Place to Repay Their Mistakes

Over the past few years, the instability of the economy has been becoming more and more noticeable, and thankfully the government have taken steps to help out the people who really could do with a helping hand in these hard times. There are various IRS debt relief programs that have been introduced to give people more flexibility on their income tax returns. For instance, if you receive any help with your mortgage then this is not counted as additional taxable income anymore. Indeed, if it was counted, the extra tax you owed would actually cancel out the help in the first place! These IRS debt relief measures have been effective since 2007 and apply to the income tax returns that were filed in 2007, 2008, and those that will be … Read entire article »

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Bailey Banks and Biddle closed their doors before returning my ring to me!?

I bought a ring at Bailey Banks and Biddle during their liquidation sale. They told me I could leave it with them for sizing, and they would call me when it was ready. I never received a call, I called for follow up, but never received a response. Now the store has shut down, phone lines are disconnected and I don’t know what to do in order to get my ring back. Does any one have any ideas? Is there some company that is holding jewelery from their safes?? Any advise would be appreciated!! … Read entire article »

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Mann Bracken receivership – what about judgements rendered on their behalf?

In sep. 2008 a judgement was rendered against me and Mann Bracken was serving as attorney. How this got past my Bankruptcy, I’ll never know, but now I want to pay this as I am better off financially. I see they filed first for bankruptcy, and are now in receivership. How does this affect my judgement and my attempt to pay the debt? … Read entire article »

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Are their any good debt consolidation programs out their?

My debt is not high enough for debt settlement, so I need a debt consolidation program. Thanks. … Read entire article »

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Banks When they Want Their Money Back!: 6 Steps – Your Business Angels

Over the last few week, Your Business Angels have seen a large number of businesses that are under pressure to pay their bank debts back. This blog cover the 6 step to take when you find yourself in this situation. For over 15 years, Your Business Angels has been in Australia to provide that help. During that time, we have been helping businesses who have been experiencing financial, structural and operational difficulties, that caused tax and other debt, issues with their bank and other trading problems. The Company also specialises in solving issues relating to insolvency or bankruptcy and can help you deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). As well as providing these services, Your Business Angels have developed relationships with the best practitioners of law, finance and … Read entire article »

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Has anyone ever renogotiated their mortgage loan terms without refinancing?

I am currently behind on my mortgage and my options are to sell the house for less than I owe, foreclose or as someone suggested negotiate my loan terms with my lender. Who would I talk to do renegotiate as that would be my preferrence? I think if they would drop the rate for me I would be able to make my payment and save myself and the bank money by avoiding foreclosure. I just don’t know who to talk to and how to convince them that this is the best way to do it. I can prove to them that I’m upside down and houses are sitting in the market for 6 months or more. The customer service reps won’t help me because they are just trained to collect … Read entire article »

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Does anybody know of any credit card consolidation companies and their interest rates?

I’m looking to consolidate my cards so I can pay just one bill and save on interest. … Read entire article »

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How does one get their credit score updated quickly after paying off credit cards?

Hi experts! I’m in the process of paying off my credit card debt in hopes of raising my FICO score before refinancing my student loans. I really want to get the loans refinanced ASAP as my monthly payments are currently absurd. My problem is that even though I can afford to pay my credit card debt off now, I know the FICO score won’t update for 2-4 weeks. I’ve read on some other posts in this forum that one can make some calls to rush the credit report updating process, however I wasn’t quite understanding who I should call and exactly what I should say. Do I call my credit card issuer or is there a bureau I should be contacting? Does anyone know of … Read entire article »

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Are their any reputable credit card consolidation companies out there?

Just wondering if there is actually a company that can really help out with the financial situation I am facing. … Read entire article »

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Has anyone ever used a credit card consolidation company and FINISHED paying off their debt?

Who did you use? Tell me the pros and cons about using them. Thanks. … Read entire article »

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Has anyone with a Wachovia mortgage had any success refinancing or modifying their loan?

I just spoke to a Wachovia rep and he said they’re not offering the Hope for Homeowners program nor the Homeowner’s Affordability Program. What’s going on? I thought the government put these programs in place to help stabilize the mortgage crisis. Has anyone out there had success with a refinance/modify on their mortgage? If so, which bank are you with and how did you do it? … Read entire article »

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