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MERS Asks Their Lenders To Not Foreclosure Using MERS Name

Massachusetts real estate attorney Hugh Fitzpatrick from Tewksbury Massachusetts discusses the implications of not foreclosing in the name of MERS. Mers has been under some fire recently with attorneys claiming that MERS does not have the authority to foreclosure under an agency theory with the participating lender. It will be interesting to see what happens to MERS when our real estate problems in this country have been eliminated or reduced. … Read entire article »

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Colorado HARP Program – Finally a solution for those upside down on their mortgage Denver Real Estate Residential Mortgage Lender, Nicky Hungerford provides a solution to those homeowners that are upside down on their mortgages For questions on how to qualify contact … Read entire article »

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Workers Ponder Their Futures Under GM Bankruptcy

General Motors Corp. said Monday it will permanently close nine more plants and idle three others to trim production and labor costs under bankruptcy protection. The AP’s Mark Carlson reports from Michigan. (June 1) … Read entire article »

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How do you help a homeowner to keep their home from foreclosure?

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Has anyone used Brazian Equity Group to save their house from foreclosure?

My sister got a letter after Countrywide foreclosed on her house saying that they could help. We can’t find any info on them and think it may be a scam. Has anyone out there saved their house after it’s been foreclosed? I want to help her if possible. … Read entire article »

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Regulator Before Banks Collapsed, They Pleaded With Feds To Let Them Fudge Their Books

Ryan Grim Huffington Post March 13, 2009 Before financial institutions have collapsed over the past several months, they have come to the Financial Accounting Standards Board, pleading for a change in mark-to-market accounting rules so that they can continue to appear to be solvent on their balance sheets. Robert Herz, head of the FASB, told a panel of lawmakers Thursday that the loudest critics of fair market accounting practices have been the very same banks that have gone belly up when regulators would not let them adjust their accounting. “There seems to be a clamoring for changing mark-to-market rules that seems to come largely from institutions that may be insolvent,” Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) said to Herz at a meeting of the Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, … Read entire article »

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Debt Issue – People and their debt

The general public talk about their debts … Read entire article »

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If a person files bankruptcy, are they required to pay another deposit on their utilities, such as electric?

When you first set up electric service a deposit is required for some people. Once that deposit is paid, that is suppose to cover the term of your contract with the provider. By asking for another deposit it seems as if they are charging the person a fee of some sort by keeping the initial deposit. Bankruptcy is suppose to stop all collection. Can someone help? … Read entire article »

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Cure For Tinnitus – Help People Stop The Ringing In Their Ears.

Super High Conversion Rates – Get Ready To Earn Money And Profit Big! Amazing Affiliate Support. More Affiliate Information Here: Http:// Cure For Tinnitus – Help People Stop The Ringing In Their Ears. … Read entire article »

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Would you like to know how many politicians who are for health care reform are sending their kids to priv sch?

Would you also like to know how many of our politicians who are telling us that government control and delivery of health care is best for us are not sending their kids to public schools? All I want to know if medicare is on the verge or insolvency how can our government reform health care and offer a government option if it can’t keep medicare going? I think that you need to get this answered before you can ever say you are for health care reform that is going to give it away on demand to everyone. If you don’t understand how a government option A.K.A government takeover is going to be paid for, you are insane for backing health care reform. If searching for inefficiencies and taxing those who make over $350K, which … Read entire article »

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Would people who want to retain the USA’s current healthcare system change their minds if…?

…their family members became one of the 53000 American who dies each year due to a refused claim? Or if they or their family members became one of the Americans declared bankrupt (medical bill related bankruptcies account for over half of all insolvency cases in the USA) because they couldn’t pay their bill? Bearing in mind of course that around 75% of those declared bankrupt HAD insurance at the onset of their illness. I’m genuinely interested as to why socialized medicine is considered to be one step from rampant commieville Terran 3; that’s nice for you, I’m happy that you can afford such excellent cover. However, if you were a farm industry worker (ie working in the lowest paid & most dangerous industry in the USA), and either couldn’t afford the … Read entire article »

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