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If I file a consolidation loan for three student loans is it legal for them to only consolidate one?

I filed for a student loan consolodation with Great Lakes Borrower Services for three different student loans. I was told I would receive an answer by the second month, I did not, I sent an email asking what was going on and no answer. I then called and was bounced around and never received a call back. After four months went by I sent an angry email requesting they cancel everything. Funny how it should be the loan was filed shortly thereafter, I was never contacted about the approval of this loan not via mail or email. The funny thing is they only put through one loan.. Why the heck would I even have bothered? Now my one loan has moved from one lender to great lakes and my interest … Read entire article »

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My tax refund offset due to defaulted student loans would debt consolidation prevent them from taking refund?

I have some defaulted student loans and I just found out that I wont be getting a tax refund back due to these loans. Now I have 2 dependents to take care of and i need all of my money. I was wondering if i was to consolidate all of my student loans though a debt consolidation agency would that stop the dept of education from taking my tax refund? … Read entire article »

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i need to get out of debt – how do debt consolidation companies work? and do u recommend them?

i have combined credit card debt of like 7000 and i am not being able to make payments. i need to move out of my parents hostile environment.. would consolidation be my best bet? … Read entire article »

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Collection agency, CFO financial still calls me even though I provided them my bankruptcy attorney’s info?

I will be filing chapter 7 bankruptcy and I paid $1800 to the bankruptcy lawyer. The attorney advised me that if I get any collection agency calls, I tell them to contact him instead of me talking to them. So per his advise, I keep telling creditors that if they have any questions, they kindly contact my bankruptcy attorney instead of calling me. However, a collection agency named CFO financial says that they will still continue calling me for payment regardless of the fact that i provided them the lawyer info. Isn’t this harassment? The collection agency clearly knows it I cannot pay and they know it I have retained a bankruptcy lawyer and they know it well chapter 7 is on the way. However they insist … Read entire article »

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Has anyone worked with any debt consolidation company that has worked or is working for them?

I am looking for a debt consolidation or debt relief company that is reputable and will do the job. I need to consolidate medical bills, pay day loans and credit card bills. … Read entire article »

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Can debt relief services affect your credit if you use them to lower your interest rate?

I am planning to sign up for Care One debt relief services to help me consolidate my CC debt. Do you think this will actually work? will this affect my credit rating? Does anyone have an opinion about this company and their services. I was reading their blog and for the most part it sounds like it really works but I’m trying to search for more answers. Thank you in advance for any suggestions or feedback. … Read entire article »

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who is the best credit card consolidation company? I was looking at care one. Anyone have experience w/ them?

well, my total credit card charges a month is about $350 (between my wife and I) I can’t even make the minimum payments on all of them. I thought about just paying one or two a month a little extra, but then the others would grow and grow in interest and late fees. … Read entire article »

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Social Security is heading toward insolvency. Why not eliminate federal retirement, and have them pay into SS?

The Federal retirement is out of control. People who work their whole career in government end up a much higher retirement than a similar person making the same money in the private sector will get. That is wrong. … Read entire article »

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Shouldnt your bankruptcy Attorney tell you if your bankruptcy is Approved before you pay them?

I filed a chapter 7 bankruptcy a few days ago,ok. I have paid my fee’s in full so does that mean im good, im in bankruptcy until I go to court and get discharge, they dont have to approve it do, they and if they do should my attorney have told me if I didnt have enough debt first, and tell them that they wont approve it. I havent extablished any new debt in about a year, and i got to much so fast that it over welmed me, so I couldnt pay any of it. I have been leting it ride until I had the money to pay my attorney in full so i could get a case number, so i should be good right since my attorney took … Read entire article »

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is it standard procedure when refinancing a mortgage for them to want a copy of your entire federal tax return?

from last year along with 1099′s and w-2′s? this is an enormous pain in the neck? … Read entire article »

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Can you refinance student loans after you have consolidated them?

I consolidated my student loans a couple years ago and got them to a fixed interest rate. I didn’t know what I was doing–I was young and no one explained to me what was going on. Now that I’m a little older, I know that my interest rate is not the best that it could be. I’d like to refinance, but I don’t know if it’s possible since I have already consolidated. Please help! Thank you! … Read entire article »

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