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ATO what they have sent you – Your Business Angels

Because they have a commercial relationship with you and need to collect the tax that is due, there can be lot of correspondence from the Australian Tax Office. For over 15 years, Your Business Angels has been in Australia to provide that help. During that time, we have been helping businesses who have been experiencing financial, structural and operational difficulties, that caused tax and other debt, issues with their bank and other trading problems. The Company also specialises in solving issues relating to insolvency or bankruptcy and can help you deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). As well as providing these services, Your Business Angels have developed relationships with the best practitioners of law, finance and insolvency in Australia to provide you with the best care possible. We … Read entire article »

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Can you walk away from mortgage refinancing without a fee, because they did not lock in the rate?

A mortgage broker friend was helping me with refinancing my mortgage for a lower rate and 15 years. I received the good faith estimate and truth in lending and decided to refinance. I filled out all of their financial paperwork and signed the documents and provided financial history information. Now he tells me that the “assistant” did not lock the rate and he is giving him another week to try to secure it at the rate in which we agreed to move forward. Do I wait the week and see what happens or tell him forget it b/c this seems like dirty business to me? Since I signed documents to move forward can they charge me? And can I have the documents back that I provided … Read entire article »

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Do credit card consolidation programs really help & how do they work ?

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On what basis do they make such an argument?

Some economists argue that deregulating the interest rates that could be paid on deposits combined with deposit insurance led to the insolvency of many depository institutions. … Read entire article »

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I watched a clip on genesis tv(a religious channel)and they were talking about HarP Technology.what is it?

i’ve never heard of this,but on the genesis tv program, uk(592) they said it was somthing to do with electro magnetic waves ,used for contraversial reasons,mind control,mobile phones,dna etc!i only saw a few minutes of the program,but just wondered if anyone knew what Harp is? obviously no one has heard of Har p technology and if ite used for good or for contraversial reasons as genesis tv implied!im surprised there are no answers to this question and that everyone seems as in the dark as me about it!maybe i’ll try a search engine! … Read entire article »

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How do student loan consolidation programs work? Are they backed by the federal government?

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Is this the way that a debt consolidation company works? They reduce the amount?

What is a good debt consolidation company that will negotiate what you owe by negotiating with the creditor, and then you owe less than before to each creditor, but you owe them for one big new loan , to them for paying your debts? So they are getting your debts down by negotiating and then give you a consolidation loan to cover the amount owed to them now? … Read entire article »

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Bankruptcy attorney ; can they still help me or will I have to pay ?

I got my discharge in the mail at the end of Febuary 09′ , I paid $2000.00 for this bankruptcy. It is now April 09′ and received a collection letter from Hudson & Keyse , should I mail or fax this to the law firm that handled my bankruptcy ? Or after my Meeting of Creditors or after receiving my discharge , they are no longer able to help me? If this “debt” that I got a letter about was included in my Bankruptcy isn’t it the Bankruptcy attorney / law firms responsibilty to deal with this collection letter ? If this debt was discharged ,is there any legal action I could take against this collection agency ? Would any lawyer want to sue them,the lawyer could keep all the money I don’t … Read entire article »

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Can you refinance your student loans if they are allready consolidated?

Student loan payments are in excess of $600 per month, is there anything that can be done about this? … Read entire article »

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Debt Consolidation Loans – why they don’t work

What are the pitfalls of a debt consolidation loan … Read entire article »

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what kind of problems do people have after they have declared bankruptcy?

I lost my job & our lawyer is recommending bankruptcy to help us keep our house. … Read entire article »

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