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Has anybody had any luck with debt consolidation through one of those companies?

Im about 10 grand in the hole! I have been missing payments to credit cards lately, and have medical bills that I haven’t even considered paying. I just make sure I keep my rent, and my care note payments up to date. I hear these advertisments all the time for debt consolidation companies (not bankruptcy) and was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck? … Read entire article »

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Do those debt relief agencies really work?

I am wondering what peoples experiences are. I have about $25,000 in credit card debt and around $30,000 in student loans. The credit cards are surprisingly well under my limit. I would be interested in consolidating the credit card debt especially, as it seems those are going to last forever. Any advice? … Read entire article »

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what’s the real deal with those student loan consolidation outfits?

that send u a 900 ck for deposit if u agree to let them consolidate ur stuff? … Read entire article »

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Has anyone actually had success using those debt consolidation companies?

I’m wondering if anyone has had any success using those debt consolidation companies and if so, what’s the process of it? How does it work and will it really work at lowering your interest rate/debt owed? And what company(ies) did you use? Thanks! … Read entire article »

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one of those debt consolidation companies help you?

If anyone has any experiences with good or bad in dealing with a debt consolidation company let me know. Would it be a good idea to have one help me if I have about 4,000 dollars in debt? … Read entire article »

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Colorado HARP Program – Finally a solution for those upside down on their mortgage Denver Real Estate Residential Mortgage Lender, Nicky Hungerford provides a solution to those homeowners that are upside down on their mortgages For questions on how to qualify contact … Read entire article »

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Acute Myeloid Leukemia Related To Benzene Exposure- Legal Help For Those Affected

Visit us at Long-term exposure to high levels of benzene in the air can cause leukemia, particularly acute myelogenous leukemia, often referred to as AML. This is a cancer of the blood-forming organs. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has determined that benzene is a known carcinogen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the EPA have determined that benzene is carcinogenic to humans. Although Acute Myeloid Leukemia or (AML) can form inside the body without external causes, prolonged exposure to Benzene — typically in industrial, workplace settings– is considered a contributing factor to developing the disease. Although the government has reduced the presence of Benzene in industrial settings, it still remains in many industries. Benzene may be present in paint, paper, pesticides, leather, rubber, … Read entire article »

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Are those debt relief programs on TV legitimate?

Jerry: I see many ads offering debt relief programs. Are they legitimate and how do they accomplish this? – - – -Larry Winget is a five-time New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He is a member of the International Speaker Hall Of Fame. He has starred in his own television series and appeared in national television commercials. Larry is a regular contributor on many news shows on the topics of money, personal success and business. – - – - Visit Larry online at … Read entire article »

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An Introduction to bankruptcy for those who are Irish, have debts and now live in England

Bankruptcy is often seen as the last resort in solving any debt issues, but I do not subscribe to this. On this site you will find the pros and cons of bankruptcy, and the myths of an IVA. Please read these and it will become apparent that bankruptcy has been and remains a far more utilised debt solution than the IVA.   The consequences of becoming bankrupt may mean (if you haven’t already), that you lose your house, it could prevent you from pursuing certain careers and, for example, prevent you from becoming a company director for a period of time.  Having said that, the severity and stigma of bankruptcy has lessened over time and it is now far more acceptable than it used to be. This year some 120,000 individuals will … Read entire article »

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Bankruptcy Can Help Those Facing Foreclosure

Commonly, foreclosure begins when a homeowner becomes delinquent on mortgage payments, usually after several payments have been missed. The lender begins the legal process of auctioning the home in order to get payment for the loan. The homeowner will be notified of this process. This gives you time to seek alternatives such as loan forbearance, short sale, or a deed in lieu of foreclosure. These are your first alternatives, but if you’ve already attempted and have been unsuccessful, now is the time to consider a bankruptcy to potentially avoid or delay the foreclosure. Automatic Stay In a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the court automatically issues an order (Order for Relief) that includes an “automatic stay” which directs your creditors the stop their collection activities immediately. If your home has been … Read entire article »

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Provide Legal Help For Those Alleged Of Torrenting Hurt Locker & Far Cry = Getting Sued By The USCG

Despite the RIAA finding out the hard way that suing people for mass infringement doesn’t work and cost way more money then it gains, in August of this year 2010 The US Copyright Group sued thousands of people for Alleged Mass Copyright Infringement of the Game Far Cry and the movie The Hurt Locker. The USCG offered the accused a out of court of $2500, nearly the same price to get get legal procedures started with a lawyer. Lawyer Graham Syfert knew all of this but wanted to make some cash while sticking it to the USCG. He wrote up a legal package that could be bought for $9.99 that will provide the forums and give the defendants step by step instructions on how to defend them selfs. 19 Defendants … Read entire article »

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