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Mortgage Help For California Homeowners Through Mortgage Settlement

California homeowners will be getting mortgage help through a new mortgage settlement. Rich Iacovetta with RMI Lending explains how mortgage relief will come to some California homeowners that are upside down on their mortgage through a settlement with the country’s five largest banks for mistakes made during their foreclosure process.The mortgage help will come in the form of a mortgage refund for some and a principal reduction for others. A man finds out he can’t buy a house because his current bank is reporting him as being dead on his credit report. Steven Seagal is in trouble and being sued for his antics in trying to break up a cockfighting ring with a tank Shemwell on Shemwell The Business of Marketing Episode 4. Event: On February 9, 2012, Bank of … Read entire article »

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How should i file my taxes going through a divorce and foreclosure?

My ex wife and I seperated 3/09 We both moved out and left the house go into foreclosure. I haven’t recieved any mail from the mortgage company it all goes to her. I have no idea what she’s doing I have no spoke with her, but i need to file my taxes. Do i file with my w-2s and not worry about any of the house stuff, and do i file married seperated or single? … Read entire article »

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What happens to tenant if landlord is going through a foreclosure?

If tenant is in a 12 month lease and in month 4 the foreclosure proceedings begin, what happens to the tenant? Do they have to move out? How long does the process take? This is in CA. What about during the actual foreclosure proceedings? Will the bank start sending people over to tell tenant to move out or make them sign papers or get access or whatever? … Read entire article »

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Economic Recovery Through Debt Explosion

America has been rocketing towards a police state this past year, and of course is dragging the rest of the world with her. The media meanwhile,. has completely vindicated McCarthy in all of this – goose stepping to a tune that would make Stalin blush. Open your eyes a little, examine the blatant propaganda they’re churning out and ask yourself – is this MSNBC, ABC, CNN, or the ministry of propaganda? Not one of these clowns will report negatively on Obama, and are basically in bed with the regime. Will the Obama health care plan prove to be the final nail in the coffin for a nation that spends more than the gross domestic product of the world? Only time will tell. The media is trying to create a world … Read entire article »

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Has anybody had any luck with debt consolidation through one of those companies?

Im about 10 grand in the hole! I have been missing payments to credit cards lately, and have medical bills that I haven’t even considered paying. I just make sure I keep my rent, and my care note payments up to date. I hear these advertisments all the time for debt consolidation companies (not bankruptcy) and was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck? … Read entire article »

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Student Loan Consolidation- benefits and good companies to do it through?

I have roughly $68,000 in private loans at a variable rate (currently 6.15%) and an extra $15,000 in federal loans at a rate of 4.15%. Right now my monthly payment is about $800. I’m able to pay it, but obviously it’s very high and would like to decrease it if possible. I see a ton of places offering to consolidate, but don’t know of one that won’t try to screw you over. Also, is a good time to do it now, wait a little bit or what? … Read entire article »

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Debt consolidation through a credit union?

I’ve got two credit cards that are maxed out and can’t seem to make ANY progress by paying the minimum payment when I can. It’s to the point now where I’ll go a month without paying them and I just start racking up bullsh*t fees which put me even further into debt. I need to get help with this and I heard you can do debt consolidation through a credit union. I’m wondering if anyone here has done this and what their experience has been? Will it drastically effect my credit score? Do I have to have an account at the credit union to do this? … Read entire article »

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Do you think that artificial 4.5% mortgage rate will go through? When? Will it count for refinancing?

Do you think that artificial 4.5% mortgage rate will go through? When? Will it count for refinancing? We’re planning on closing on a house in 12 days and it would be a shame to barely miss out on such a low interest rate. … Read entire article »

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mortgage refinancing through 5:1 ARM program?

Guys, I have a VA mortgage for 5% and now thinking about refinancing through my bank(Wells fargo) under the 5:1 Arms program for 3.25% for 5 years and thereafter 1% increase every year.We are selling this home within next 5 years and thats why we are doing this.So far sounds like a good deal to me. Currently my payment is $1864/month which will come down to $1550/month.(save around $300/month). The closing cost is only $2471 after some credits from the bank. I will break even the closing cost in 8 months and savings for $300.month after that.Good deal, right??? But I want to know whats the catch??? how do the bank benefits from giving me this offer? Currently I owe $271,000 on my loan and after refinancing , it goes up to … Read entire article »

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Is student loan consolidation based on your credit score through student loan company?

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Beneficial Finance – Is refinancing available on a existing mortgage which is through a “Private Lender”?

The individual & his partner that sold us the property carried the full purchase price amount (less the down payment), as a “Contract of Sale”. Over the last couple of years both parties (buyers & sellers) have been faced with some kind of financial, real estate, health &/or family “issue(s)”, one of which, is being us, the buyers. Thus causing our Mortgage payments to fall behind, drasticly. So in order to refinance, (with Benificial or another Mortgage / Lending Company), they would be paying off two individuals (the partners), not a actual “Mortgage Company”. Does this create a problem? What if the property is in foreclosure, how would that effect the odds of getting refinanced with a new Mortgage Company? Although, there’s at least one good … Read entire article »

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