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Which Type of Bankruptcy is Best to Save My Home from Foreclosure?

Ted Machi answers the question, “Which type of bankruptcy is best to save my home from foreclosure?” Ted Machi & Associates, PC has served North Texans for more than 30 … Read entire article »

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Discovering What Type Of Home Foreclosure Help You Need

Because each situation is different, you will need a different type of home foreclosure help than someone else facing foreclosure. It is important to really understand your situation and to be sure that you seek out the right type of help before you go out looking for it. So how do you know what type of help you need? Has your lender done something illegal or are the loan documents that you signed when the loan was originated invalid? If so, your best bet is going to be to get help from an attorney that specializes in foreclosure. They will know how to fight the legal battle that you are going to have with your mortgage company. Is your lender refusing to work with you and you have a lot of other … Read entire article »

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What type of bankruptcy can I file for If I have 1 house and an apartment building?

I need to file for bankruptcy but Im not sure on the steps I own a 3 bedroom House, and I own a 4 apartment building, My home is being foreclosed on right now, what can I do to file for bankruptcy? How do I file for bankruptcy? … Read entire article »

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The Body Type Solution

The Body Type Solution a product new release of Dr. Eric Berg, Dc, Nd. Number 1 best-seller on Amazon, the 7 Principles of Fat Burning. Get control over your belly fat now! The Body Type Solution … Read entire article »

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Foreclosure: What income determines what type of loan modification program you qualify for?

My relative is in foreclosure. He’s been in contact with the lender and is trying to work out a modification. They ask about income, rental property, all expenses, etc, then determine what type of program you qualify for. What determines which plan? They have said that he may not qualify for any based on his income. Is there a certain calculator they use or a certain percentage? … Read entire article »

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Different Types of Personal Bankruptcy. Which Bankruptcy Type Do You Qualify for, or Can Afford?

  This essay attempts a simple outline of the different types of bankruptcy available under the banruptcy code for American debtors, and the basic procedures and process involved in a debtor filing for personal bankruptcy for legal discharge of his or her debt. BANKRUPTCY AS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. Personal bankruptcy is a fundamental Constitutional right. Article I, Section 8, of the United States Constitution authorizes Congress to enact “uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies” for the benefit of debtors who are United States citizens. Under this grant of authority, Congress enacted today’s “Bankruptcy Code,” last significantly revised or amended in 2005. The Bankruptcy Code, which is codified as title 11 of the United States Code, is the uniform federal law that governs all bankruptcy cases. Hence, bankruptcy being a fundamental Constitutional right, … Read entire article »

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