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Helpful Tips For Home Owners Who Want to Refinance a Mortgage

Prior to now few months, more mortgage refinancing applications have been turned in for approval than ever before. This is due to a struggling economy, low dwelling interest rates, and new stimulus programs that make getting approved for mortgage refinancing simpler than ever before. However, many householders refinancing purposes are being denied as a consequence of simple, easily avoidable problems. Listed below are some things owners can do to help ensure that they get a mortgage refinancing approval without having to deal with denials or purposes being returned as incomplete. Many new mortgage refinancing options now exist for nearly any homeowner. These choices exist because of the Obama housing stimulus plan, and since mortgage lenders and banks do not want to deal with extra houses that will be lost to foreclosure … Read entire article »

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Anybody want to be in a singing group? [US & Canada]?

All types of music welcome. Boys and girls. We might break into separate groups though. The boys and the girls I mean. People in Canada!!!! And people near Indiana in the states. Hit me up with an IM or a e-mail if you are interested. Youtube videos of you singing would be great. Hmmm. Additional musical talent and good singing is desirable but not needed. (I’ll train) -Jasmine OH! BTW!!! Plan to be lving in L.A. in two years. This is:: making-my-band-of-stars-better-known-as-a-cheap-knock-off-of-p-diddy’s-show-LOL … Read entire article »

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Why do employers not want to hire me?

I’m a 26 year old male living in England with a good Bachelor’s Degree in International Business & German from a top English university. I’m multilingual and I have worked for 10 years of my life before, during and after university since the age of 16 (legal working age) to support myself and my studies. During that time, I have been the youngest top salesman in my region, have accrued the most bonus while working as a personal shopper during uni, worked abroad in Germany as a Corporate Travel Manager for a blue chip company negotiating volume based discounts and implementing online booking tools, managed a retail store in my town while studying at the same time and went back to Germany to study at uni there for a year … Read entire article »

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Bush and Braq Obama both want to retrain Union workers, is Bankruptcy Attorney the best New Job or bureaucrat?

With 2,1/2 million new Government employees that leaves 7,1/2 million that will need a Bankruptcy Attorney NeoNerd If you have a problem with the Sunni spelling of Braqi’s name I suggest a 12 step stop the hate program. Braq was born into a Sunni family it is reprehensiable to see people rename him with a WASP deviation of Braq 1.8 Billion Muslims can’t be wrong … Read entire article »

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I have a $6,000 credit card debt. I want to pay it off, is consolidation an option?

I am a college student. I graduate this July and I want to start paying off all my debt. I need to know what other options I have besides trying to settle with the collection companies because they ask to either pay it off or they require a big chuck of money then monthly payments and I cant quite do that just yet. Although I do want to pay it off as soon as possible. Would you recommend debt consolidation or do you know of any other options? Only nice answers please. … Read entire article »

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Where would I go if I want to sue my bankruptcy attorney for misrepresentation?

I hired a bankruptcy attorney to file a chapter 7 and I completed all my paperwork and credit counsiling all within the time limits, and then I got a letter from the court saying that my case was being dismissed due to some paperwork. I contacted my attorney’s office right away and they told me that they didn’t file some paperwork, but I shouldn’t worry about it. They told me to show up to the court appointment anyways, that they would take care of the paperwork. Me and my wife showed up to the court, seen our names on the calander and talked with a attorney from my attorney’s office. She told both me and my wife that the trustee might not hear our case because … Read entire article »

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I am considering a debt consolidation. I want to know what are the best companies to go with? What are the?

pros and cons of debt consolidation. Is it better to lower my bills and interest rates or pay them off with a lump sum and just have one monthly bill? … Read entire article »

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Do you want socialism in the US?

The following document was accepted for many years as fact. Then, some five, or, six years ago, it became widely circulated, comparing liberal Democrat tactics to it. This threatened the socialist, liberal Democrats. So, they began railing against it. It was denounced by Snopes (an organ of socialism),and, history would seem to have been rewritten- a standard tactic for socialist, liberal Democrats. So, let’s suppose, for a moment that the document is a fabrication, as the liberals want you to believe. Nevertheless, how many of the items in the document are, now, being used by the liberals, to convince their enablers, the voters, that, they, the socialist, liberal Democrats, are the good guys, and, those who disagree with them, have no right to do so. Read the document. Think on each point, … Read entire article »

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Banks When they Want Their Money Back!: 6 Steps – Your Business Angels

Over the last few week, Your Business Angels have seen a large number of businesses that are under pressure to pay their bank debts back. This blog cover the 6 step to take when you find yourself in this situation. For over 15 years, Your Business Angels has been in Australia to provide that help. During that time, we have been helping businesses who have been experiencing financial, structural and operational difficulties, that caused tax and other debt, issues with their bank and other trading problems. The Company also specialises in solving issues relating to insolvency or bankruptcy and can help you deal with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). As well as providing these services, Your Business Angels have developed relationships with the best practitioners of law, finance and … Read entire article »

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Quiet Title Secrets|the “how-to” Mortgage Co.’s Don’t Want You To Know

Inside Quiet Title Secrets, You’ll Discover And Learn Proven Methods That Work ( I Know Because I Worked With The Leading Legal Firm That Was Doing This): Stop The Harassment From Your Lender Stop Foreclosure Break Free From Your Burden Save Your Home Quiet Title Secrets|the “how-to” Mortgage Co.’s Don’t Want You To Know … Read entire article »

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What should I do – I love singing opera and want to start again – please read my story?

Hi – please read my story. Here’s the condensed version – I studied to sing/dance/act as a musical theatre performer (tenor) for several years. I got nowhere auditioning for about 2 years. I was about to give up when I met this guy who encouraged me to sing as a countertenor upon hearing me sing “Mary Sunshine” from the musical “Chicago.” So, I got myself a full scholarship to a college and studied as a countertenor for two years. Upon graduating, I was offered a spot in MSM’s graduate voice program (Manhattan School of Music) – no too shabby, eh? – and auditions from University at Buffalo (SUNY) and Curtis Institute. I was accepted also in U at B and went there on nearly full scholarship. I was lonely and … Read entire article »

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