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Has anyone been taken off a mortgage note without refinancing or selling the house?

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If I’m on an adjustable rate mortgage, will my rate go down, if the prime rate go down, without me refinancing

I have an adjustable mortgage with a 2 yr fixed rate, but in 2 months my mortgage payment will increase to $400 dollars. I’m just wondering why it’s going up if the prime rates went down, shouldn’t my mortgage payment go down instead? Please help I’m confused. … Read entire article »

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Is there a way I can remove my elderly mother name from my mortgage and deed without refinancing?

My mother may need to be placed in a convelescent home. I was informed it would be best to take her name off of my mortgage I am the primary home owner. … Read entire article »

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where can I get a Debt Consolidation loan for my credit cards without owning a home?

I am looking for somewhere to get a consolidation loan for my credit cards even though I dont own a home? … Read entire article »

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is it possible to lower your mortgage payment without refinancing ??

I would like to put the needed amount of escrow payments into my mortgage company’ escrow account to pay my taxes for a year and lower my mortgage payment by the monthly { tax ] deduction ,, Is this possible ? sorry,, I should have said that I am trying to eliminate the monthly deduction…. … Read entire article »

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Can I refinance my mortgage without having to payoff my home equity line of credit balance?

I have a mortgage & home equity line of credit with the same lender. The rate on the equity loan is currently 2.5% (prime – 3/4). I was thinking of refinancing my mortgage and taking out a little cash to pay off some credit cards. My question is, if I refinance my mortgage do I have to pay off the balance on my home equity loan? … Read entire article »

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How do I get a mortgage title and deed changed over to another party without refinancing the loan?

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how can i take years off my mortgage without refinancing.i have a fixed mortgage 25 years APR 10%?

The purchase price was $80,000 … Read entire article »

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Can you walk away from mortgage refinancing without a fee, because they did not lock in the rate?

A mortgage broker friend was helping me with refinancing my mortgage for a lower rate and 15 years. I received the good faith estimate and truth in lending and decided to refinance. I filled out all of their financial paperwork and signed the documents and provided financial history information. Now he tells me that the “assistant” did not lock the rate and he is giving him another week to try to secure it at the rate in which we agreed to move forward. Do I wait the week and see what happens or tell him forget it b/c this seems like dirty business to me? Since I signed documents to move forward can they charge me? And can I have the documents back that I provided … Read entire article »

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Can you file for Bankruptcy on your own without an Attorney?

I can read well, follow instructions and I can do the leg work on my own. Where can I obtain information on the qualifications and needed forms and actions I need to fill out and do?Thanks for answering. please I’m looking for specific Information. Thank you! I need to take care of my problems due to loss of job last year and I’m getting on my feet this year,but I’m still plagued by about 13,000 in debt. … Read entire article »

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how do you take someones name off a mortgage without refinancing

As part of divorce settlement, house must be refinanced into my name only. I have already done a quit claim and deed in my name only, but i am having trouble qualifying for a refi with good rates my current rate is 5% can I take the other name off the mortgage without a refi??? I am asking because I need to declare ch 7 bankruptcy and I know that I may not be able to refi by march, I have children and don’t want to sell the house. I have all rights to the property and there will be no distribution of proceeds. … Read entire article »

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