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How Does a Short Sale Work Under Making Home Affordable?

Article by Simon Volkov Homeowners are curious about how does a short sale work under Making Home Affordable. This government sponsored program was initiated in 2009 as a means to help homeowners save their home through loan modification or mortgage refinance. The program now offers foreclosure alternatives including short sales and deed in lieu of foreclosure. To provide a precise answer to how does a short sale work is difficult because every lender adheres to different protocol. Even lenders that participate in the Home Affordable program do not follow exact guidelines. However, there are some basics that nearly every lender requires. The best place to start is the Making Home Affordable website. Homeowners can review a list of participating lenders and review short sale eligibility criteria. It is advantageous to apply for mortgage … Read entire article »

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How does debt consolidation work, and is it worth it?

Im trying to clean up all my past debt before it gets out of control, and I want to know if this is a good idea … Read entire article »

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Are there any debt consolidation companies that really work?

With the current economy, and my work hours being cut, I’m in need of some serious credit card help. It’s now a decision between the credit cards and housing/food. If I could reduce my debt and make significantly lower monthly payments, it would be a life saver! Do any of these companies really do what they say? Also, what would be the impact on my credit ( as opposed to bankruptcy ), and how long would it take for this to drop off my credit bureau. I’d appreciate any advice. … Read entire article »

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What is Debt Consolidation and how does it work?

I am in debt with a credit card issued by my bank and the interest is killing me. How does debt consolodation work? If I do this, will my interest go down and will it affect my credit in any way? … Read entire article »

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Is it allowed in islam to work for a law firm as a Software Developer?

Hi, I like to know if i can work for a law firm as a software developer? Does islam permit it? I will be designing softwares for lawers like document management system , case management system, HR Softwares and Debt Recovery software. I don’t know if debt recovery software deals with a interest rate or not. Law firm provide following services to Business: Commercial & Business, Construction, Corporate Finance, Debt Recovery, Dispute Resolution, Employment, House Builders, Insolvency & Business Recovery, Insurance Litigation, International, Joint Ventures, Public Sector & Procurement, Professional Negligence, Property Litigation, Real Estate, Regulatory Services ,Road Transport Law, Volume Remortgages & Conveyancing, Voluntary & Community Sector For Individuals ——————— Buying / Selling Home Contentious Probate Remortgages Wills Probate & Inheritance Powers of Attorney Criminal & Courts Road Traffic I also like to know if i can design software for lawer who might be advising clients that how to charge … Read entire article »

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Do those debt relief agencies really work?

I am wondering what peoples experiences are. I have about $25,000 in credit card debt and around $30,000 in student loans. The credit cards are surprisingly well under my limit. I would be interested in consolidating the credit card debt especially, as it seems those are going to last forever. Any advice? … Read entire article »

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what information is need for a Tax debt relief company to work on past tax debt with the IRS?

What personal information would I need to give to a company in order for them to contact the IRS about my tax debt? … Read entire article »

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Does debt consolidation work?

I am seriously considering debt consolidation, really need to get out from under loads of late fees and the companies just keep raising the interest rates, and I can’t see any other way out. Has anyone had experience with consolidating their debts? Good, bad, any opinion at all, will help. Thanks, peace. … Read entire article »

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i need to get out of debt – how do debt consolidation companies work? and do u recommend them?

i have combined credit card debt of like 7000 and i am not being able to make payments. i need to move out of my parents hostile environment.. would consolidation be my best bet? … Read entire article »

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Do debt consolidation company’s work and what do they do specifically?

$40,000 in debt with 4 credit cards, I have great credit and pay on time. Recently cc’s raised interest from 7.9 to 23% because they said too, much debt ratio. If I use consolidation will that affect credit and do they charge and are they just doing what I could do (like search for other credit cards with lower rates?) … Read entire article »

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Do Debt Relief Companies really work? Can I do the same job myself?

I am looking to pay a debt relief company 15% of whatever I totally owe. Can I do this myself? Has anybody ever done it thyself and save $2300 I need help, am I making a mistake or doing the right thing. One way or another, I need to do something about my credit. … Read entire article »

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