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Where would I go if I want to sue my bankruptcy attorney for misrepresentation?

I hired a bankruptcy attorney to file a chapter 7 and I completed all my paperwork and credit counsiling all within the time limits, and then I got a letter from the court saying that my case was being dismissed due to some paperwork. I contacted my attorney’s office right away and they told me that they didn’t file some paperwork, but I shouldn’t worry about it. They told me to show up to the court appointment anyways, that they would take care of the paperwork. Me and my wife showed up to the court, seen our names on the calander and talked with a attorney from my attorney’s office. She told both me and my wife that the trustee might not hear our case because … Read entire article »

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I currently have a little less than $3800 in debt. What would my best debt relief plan be?

I am looking for possibly a consumer credit counseling or debt relief program. Have any of you used one? Who would you recommend? Because of this, my credit rating is unbelievable low and taking on a new credit card or debt is not an option. … Read entire article »

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What would likely be the best way to refinance an auto loan?

My husband bought a car before we were married and received an ungodly interest rate due to his poor credit, at the time. We would really like to refinance it. Here are a few things to consider: – I just bought a new car in my name only (excellent credit; the new auto loan is the only debt I have in my name) – His credit is not as bad is it used to be, but not excellent (his personal debts are student loans and his current auto loan) What would likely be the best way to refinance? – In my name only, even though I just bought a car in my name? – Refinance jointly, with both names on the loan? – See if he can refinance under his own … Read entire article »

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I would like to know more about the intended use of the H.A.A.R.P. program located in Alaska, who monitors it?

go online to learn more about this somewhat secret weapon of the U.S. Government. Could this device be contributiting to global warming? also see book; “Angels Don’t Play This Harp” ! The public should know more about how this weapon is being used. It’s capability is a bit scary. … Read entire article »

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i would like to refinance my motorcycle loan.?

right now I am paying 16% apr for brand new 09 honda cbr600rr..i bought it last year, and I have being making my payment on time. My credit history is fine, my credit score is above 700, I got a car loan that I refinanced too (from 16,3 APR to 5.3 APR with chase refinance loan) I looking for any way that I can reduce these 16 APR for the bike..maybe private loan will be fine too. I tried few companies, banks, web sites for motorcycle refinance and i was denied. tried with private student loan..denied..please let me know i you know any way that I can get 10,000$ loan with under 10APR. thanks. … Read entire article »

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We would like to buy the vacant lot next to our house while refinancing our current mortgage.?

We would like this to all be in one loan. Does anyone have experience doing this and do you usually have to buy the lot first and then refinance? If not, what kind of down payment is usually required to make this all happen? Thanks. … Read entire article »

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Thinking to refinance my federal student loans. What would be the process like?

I’m trying to combine my federal direct and PLUS loans? How hard will it be? … Read entire article »

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Would I be able to refinance the student loans with another company?

-105K in debt with SallieMae -recently started making about 3300-3500 gross per month -going to save like crazy for up to a year and then try to shift my loans away from SallieMae because they suck. Figured that with a good 10-15K in savings and a moderate income another company could take a chance on me. … Read entire article »

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Would refinancing our mortgage lesson my chances of getting a business loan to start a small business?

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If I were to put all of my credit cards under CareOne’s credit card consolidation program would it help?

If I did that would that stop the creditors from calling me and my family by daily harassesing us for when they are going to get their money? Would it help?Could it work? Have other people put all of their credit cards under them or something similar? Did the calls stop afterwards? … Read entire article »

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Why We Would Reject Your Foreclosure Case – Florida Foreclosure Defense Attorney Steve Kramer Florida foreclosure defense attorney Steve Kramer explains why it’s possible we would reject your foreclosure case. We’ve seen all types of cases. We’ve dealt with cases from foreclosures involving two counties suing when your house can only physically sit in one county to 3 banks suing over one mortgage. However, not every case is right for our firm. But we do our best to generally accept each foreclosure case. We help people during any point of a foreclosure — even after. Whether you just stopped making your payments or the house is sold, we’ll do our best to get what you need. Watch the video now to learn more. For more information about foreclosure law and my firm, visit our educational website at http where we’re always available to … Read entire article »

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