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Taking Bankruptcy Advice in Aberdare

Bankruptcy is often seen as the last resort in solving any debt issues, but I do not subscribe to this. In a related article I will take you through the pros and cons of bankruptcy, and the myths of an IVA which is often touted as the debt solution to take. Please read these and it will become apparent that bankruptcy has been and remains a far more utilised debt solution than the IVA.

The consequences of becoming bankrupt may mean you lose your house, it could prevent you from pursuing certain careers and, for example, prevent you from becoming a company director for the period of time that you are bankrupt.  Having said that, the severity and stigma of bankruptcy has lessened over time and it is now far more acceptable than it used to be. This year some 80,000 individuals will become bankrupt.

Bankruptcy can be a daunting experience. There are however companies such as mine that specialise in taking customers through the bankruptcy process, even attending court with you if necessary. Faced with a statement of affairs of 35 pages which needs to be completed in triplicate can be an unnerving proposition. Advice from an expert as to whether bankruptcy is the right route, and then someone to fill in the forms and help you file them at court and then attend with you is something to be considered, especially when I can help you keep your house and your income.


How do I know if I need to pursue the bankruptcy option?

The easy way to find out is to call an expert debt advisor.  They will, very quickly, get to understand your current financial position and advise the best way to solve your situation. The conversation is completely confidential, free of charge and without obligation. You should choose someone who is not allied to either a Debt management company or an IVA firm such as me I will give impartial advice not the solution which makes me the most commission.

What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy means that all your debts (subject to a very few minor exceptions) are written off on the instant you are made bankrupt. If you have disposable income you may be required to pay this to the Official Receiver for a maximum of three years. However part of what I do is to configure your disposable income to reduce as much as possible the potential of having to make income payments. You will generally be discharged from bankruptcy in a year or less. If you have equity in your property or valuable assets you may have to release these to the Official Receiver. Although in the vast majority of cases I have seen this year, with very little if any equity in property, homes can be transferred from the Official Receiver back to the bankrupt or his or her spouse for his fees, of about £400.

If you have ever considered bankruptcy as a way to get out of a debt problem you can do no better than call me today. Below are the details of the local county court.

Aberdare County Court

The Court House

Cwmbach Road
Aberdare Glamorgan
CF44 0JE


01685 888575

Information provided by Steve Thatcher of Help With Debt (UK) Limited and total debt solutions company.
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