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Talk: Greece – A Lost Cause | Quadriga

For Greece the coming weeks will be definitive. The country’s financial affairs are more distressed than ever and national bankruptcy is a distinct possibility. And Europe’s rescue efforts aren’t working. What to do? The EU has – so far – given financial support to Greece as a member state. But how much longer will Europe, and the Euro, be able to cope with the strain? Our guests: Theodore Kouvakas — journalist Quentin Peel – International affairs editor of the Financial Times Ulrike Guérot – political scientist Read more:

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12 Responses to "Talk: Greece – A Lost Cause | Quadriga"

  1. jradetzky says:
    this Ulrike chick is old but damn HOT. I’d totally hit it
  2. 626718 says:
    @vkgiotis Let the market decide? You know that markets will go bersek, and everything will more or less crash. I hope you have no financial assets, and have cash stuffed in your bed.
  3. 626718 says:
    @mikailmari yes. I think we can all agree on that. But, what will happen to their existing debt? Are they going to default? Which will cause a panic in the markets.
  4. 626718 says:
    @6films It’s not like Germany exists in a vacuum, the PIIGS nations also buy stuff from Germany. Why do you think the Germans loaned money to them in the first place? The spending of the PIIGS nations helped to stimultae german growth, if you make them go through austerity plans, that will come back and bite Germany.
  5. 626718 says:
    @mikailmari go right ahead, but will you pay off your debts first? Finland has 50% debt to GDP. Are you saying that you are willing to forgo half of a year’s economic activity to pay off debts just to get out of the euro?
  6. 626718 says:
    @mikailmari u fuckin idiot, if those countries leave the eu. The euro won’t be worth the paper it is printed on! Hyperinflation will engulf the rest of the nations, bond price will drop to a few cents on the dollar. All markets will crash, and millions will become unemployed, not mentioning a ensuing depression.
  7. mikailmari says:
    fuck greece and germany, finland want out of euro…fuck eu
  8. mikailmari says:
    EU isnt same than euro. countrys like: greece, finland, ireland, portugal, spain and italy should leave euro .
  9. mikailmari says:
    its better to greece and euro that greece take own currency back
  10. 6films says:
    greece should just be dropped from the EU, long live Germany!
  11. vkgiotis says:
    Let the market decide. If Greece needs to default, so be it. If the EU needs to break up let it happen. “Communist” type Intervention from EU politicians will only lead to more pain for the EU.
  12. theend1245 says:
    God punish them for pederastic actions

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