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Texas Gov. Rick “Pecos” Perry rejects stimulus money for unemployment?

Perry’s decision comes despite warnings from Texas Workforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken that the state’s unemployment compensation trust fund could be operating at a deficit by October. Pauken told lawmakers recently that insolvency might not be not far behind.

Is this really wise? And if he wanted to keep from increasing the tax burden on businesses, why did he and his party vote into law a tax bill on businesses 2 years ago?


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18 Responses to "Texas Gov. Rick “Pecos” Perry rejects stimulus money for unemployment?"

  1. Brain says:
    Because the Obama plan is far worse. Deficit spending on the Federal level is forcing individual citizens into debt against their will.
  2. Hater Police says:
    Perry is a fool. He accepted nearly 98% of the stimulus money! Its ridiculous for him to claim he “rejected” the stimulus package. I hope voters are paying attention.

    This, like the GOP congressional members stunts, is just about politicking and not at all about doing the right thing.

  3. Ministry Of Information says:
    Ideology above sanity.
  4. O'Really says:
    Rick Perry is a joke.
  5. Kwanzaa Baby says:
    Obama said he would save 10-20 millions jobs, well he better get busy then.
  6. Angels Memory says:
    In the wake of all of the money being thrown around. The Governor is well aware that he would have to pay-back Washington for what Texas borrowed. And that his state would have to fund more unemployment for his state in the form of higher taxes which is what this administration is trying to get leaders to do. But he feels Texans can deal with their own problems without Washington sticking their twisted noses in it. And I say “Good for you Governor!!”
  7. Why Don't People Like Me? 2 says:
    Look up the language of the stimulus bill in regards to unemployment and then look up the 10th amendment of the Constitution. After you educate yourself get back to me… I won’t hold my breath.
  8. JMP says:
    There are a bunch of strings attached to the money. In the long run it would have hurt Texans. You should read the whole thing. Some of the strings attached to the money would make it almost impossible to keep up with in just a few short years. We might get a small tax increase now but it won’t be anywhere near the tax increase that would be required later.

    Just because it is shinny doesn’t mean you want it.

  9. Cut Throat B**** says:
    We just answered this.

    1. The Texas Governor exists to cut ribbons.
    2. Rick Perry is in office because he has good hair.
    3. Rick Perry burned down our Governor’s mansion
    4. Rick Perry may be challenged by one of our current US Senators for his job so he needs to garner some attention right now.

  10. Wilburrrr says:
  11. debbiep says:
    He, like Gov. Sanford of South Carolina is probably getting ready to run for the republican nomination in 2012. I hope it backfires on both of them.
  12. thetalltexan says:
    He is an idiot. Kinky should be our governor.
  13. Dont blame me I voted McCain says:
    its a great decision. If the unemployed know they only have so much, it will force them to get off their butts and find a job. If you keep handing people money then they will never want to work again b/c in a sense they dont have to. Also, all that money has to be paid back eventually, and Perry knows this. There are jobs out there, its just that people dont want to do them. By not expanding unemployment, people will have to get those jobs for the time being. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. dude. says:
    Perry’s on his last term, he can’t run again. He could care less about the citizens of Texas, he’s trying to be the next republican hopeful. Personally I think the man is an a**, never voted for him, never will.

    EDIT; Cut throat,,,, I did some research and you’re right, I was mistaken, for some reason I thought they passed the term limit bill, wishful thinking I guess. Maybe next time.

    I agree with the person above, Kinky should have governor.

  15. rz1971 says:
    You forgot part of the article, the part where the deal only runs for a couple of years then the state must pick that up. He didn’t want to jeopardize the future for a short term gain.
  16. Jack Bauer my Hero says:
    No its not wise. And as a Texan i want him out of office. He does nothing for this state. All he cares about is getting his name on the national news, getting pats on the back by republicans and making a bid for the 2012 election
  17. Jani says:
    I have heard some governors say that it would be more expensive to take the money than to reject it. I am sorry I don’t remember the exact details but I think they claimed they would have to raise taxes to meet the requirements to acquire the funds.

    A lot, if not all, states are having the same problems. But the states are within their rights to take the money whether they agree with the spending bill or not. They will be paying for it.

  18. gomanyes says:
    He’s an idiot.

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