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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » The 14 states suing the federal government over the health care bill. Is this just a case of grandstanding?

The 14 states suing the federal government over the health care bill. Is this just a case of grandstanding?

They are tilting after windmills to prove to their constituents that they are against socialism. Do the governors and other officials care about the families who are a catastrophic illness away from complete insolvency? Private charities cannot begin to fill the gap. Hoover used this an excuse to not help the poor. The bill is not perfect, but it is a start in addressing the problem.

Joel W. I don’t have aids given by a prostitute named Rosie Rottencrotch. You might have been on her list.


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10 Responses to "The 14 states suing the federal government over the health care bill. Is this just a case of grandstanding?"

  1. Dэrэk Я, the East-Coаst Élitist says:
    A couple of clowns wanting to make names for themselves.

    Nothing will come of this, it’s all a show.

  2. Coffee addict says:
    They are making a lot of noise over something they can do nothing about and they know it. Their whole point is to make noise. The bill is not unconstitutional because the Supremacy clause allows for it. I don’t care how conservative the Supreme Court is, they are not going to change 200 years of precedence over this issue.
  3. sociald says:
    14 states now, eh and it looks like one AG is a democrat. what if it gets to 20 states? or 25.. is it grandstanding then?
  4. Joel W says:
    No it is not.

    Yes they do care, but that bill is NOT the way to solve the problem, and there are other ways to deal with that humanitarian need for help in the case of catastrophic illness. In fact, in most areas, that help steps in long before total insolvency and suggesting that bill is the only way to deal with such is very much wrong.

    And by the way: if you caught aids using a prostitute, or caught aids using drugs, I don’t give a hoot what happens to you. I belive all the folks that have aids should be tested for narcotics before they are allowed. If they have already admitted to using a prostitute.. you should be disallowed from the program. You should be moved to whatever the state has, and not put on my dime.

    There are more than 14 States challenging the bill, or clauses of the bill, so the issue is wide open, and it is going to get worse as the States read what was passed.

  5. USA Male says:
    I think its real but the Sup. Court will up held the law signed into effect since they are not there for personal views they are there to enforce the laws,
  6. foolcow says:
    It’s a case of exhausting all legal/peaceful means to solve a problem before resorting to something more drastic. It’s just the right thing to do.
  7. Regwah says:
    I don’t understand it at all, I’m glad I don’t live in America, it seems an odd system.
  8. dark bubble says:
    This bill always sounded like a scam to me. I can’t say for anyone else, but I know for certain it can’t help me. Due to my health, I haven’t been able to work for 3 years and yet I can’t get any help from anyone. No disability, no foodstamps, nothing. And yet if I don’t sign up for some kind of healthcare, they will fine me for not having insurance. No job means I don’t have any money to even pay for any kind of insurance, let alone a fine. There really are people who can’t be benefited from this, but no one bothered to think about that.
  9. bobby's girl says:
    I think the government has attacked it from the wrong direction, and if it is so wonderful for us peons why did they make themselves and their own families exempt from abiding by it? (Could it have anything to do with the ‘limits’ they are placing on our ability to receive care?) I know the 4th generation owner of a small business; he said he will be fined $2,000 per employee if he fails to provide insurance for his workers, but the fine is less than the costs of the insurance. They haven’t ironed this thing out – so it was signed with all the wrinkles included.
  10. John says:
    The point is that it unconstitutional to force an American citizen to purchase, in this case health care, a product that he may not want nor need. It’s not like being mandated to purchase car insurance. Driving a car is not a right. Hence the state is well within legal bounds to insist that insurance be required.

    I can’t understand why people aren’t up in arms over this. In effect, they are being forced, by law, to spend their own money, post tax by the way, to buy a product they may neither want nor need. And if they don’t they will be fined.

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