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The Americans by Gordon Sinclair

“The Americans” is a famous commentary by Canadian broadcaster Gordon Sinclair. Originally written for a regular broadcast on CFRB radio in Toronto on June 5, 1973, it became a media and public phenomenon, replayed several times a day by some United States radio stations, released as a hit audio recording in several forms, credited by Ronald Reagan for giving comfort to the United States in difficult times, and widely rediscovered and redisseminated as the United States faced new crises in the 2000s. On June 5, Sinclair discussed some stories from the day’s news. Widespread heavy tornado damage afflicted the US midwest. The Mississippi River was in flood stage. The American Red Cross faced an imminent threat of insolvency. And the United States dollar reached very low levels, something Sinclair, an inveterate market watcher, was keenly aware of. “The Americans” was not, as widely reported later, an angry response to countries that were criticizing the American failure in the Vietnam War. Instead, Sinclair’s commentary stated that when many countries faced economic crises or natural disasters, Americans were among the most generous people in the world at offering assistance, but when America faced a crisis, it often faced that crisis alone. The editorial became a phenomenon on American radio after CKLW Radio news director and news anchor Byron MacGregor read Sinclair’s commentary on the air. After CKLW (a 50000 watt Windsor/Detroit powerhouse radio station) received many


  1. How will Americans react when entitlement programs can no longer payout benefits? What will people do when they wake up and realize that the government can no longer take care of them?...

  2. Do Americans seem to be completely in denial?We have Clowns to the left … jokers right …? And we still seem not be able to get passed Bush or Obama… If my accountant came to me and...

  3. Banks threaten Americans with Foreclosure All over the US people have foreclosed on their homes leaving the banks no option but to evict them....

  4. So why are we so upset with our political leadership? So why are we so upset with our political leadership? President Bush’s current approval ratings are about 32 percent. Only...

  5. Do Americans understand what INSOLVENCY means?? Do they know it’s BAD? ...

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2 Responses to "The Americans by Gordon Sinclair"

  1. SuperShaleese says:
    forget lady gaga, jonas bros. our youth (and adults) need to listen an inform themselves on topics as covered here. maybe then we can start fixing this country
  2. amerocker says:
    Amazing! I’d not heard this before today when a friend shared it on Facebook. Amen, mister! Thank you, Canadiens! August 9, 2011.

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