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The Bankruptcy of America: by Spiraling Sovereign Debt and Hyperinflation

Our National debt is a ticking time bomb and as we continue to borrow at record amounts and entitlement programs fail to pay for themselves, interest rates – once they begin to rise will eat more and more of tax receipts until we can no longer provide promised services and benifits. Our Economy will crash as the government defaults on its debt payments and social order will collapse.


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25 Responses to "The Bankruptcy of America: by Spiraling Sovereign Debt and Hyperinflation"

  1. devided1001 says:
    @nitdiver5 you won’t need to if theirs war.
  2. rjky1986 says:
    4 people are sheeple that just want to be taken care of…..
  3. moistfaucet says:
    country can bankrupt, for me i am still strong because i just got a gun.
  4. rjky1986 says:
    The facts of our dire economic situation you show coupled with the various photos of descending staircases in all of those older buildings [most look like 1970s or before I guess, but I digress] works extremely well. Makes it seem even more horrid with the Vertigo music. Truly drives the point home and enhances the effect of the message.

    So great video, and thank you for posting this.

  5. BeautyHealthZoneBlog says:

    Yes, as much as I agree with Karma, notice it’s always the people who have virtually nothing that suffer the most when these wicked and soulless demons make their bumbling decisions.

  6. activ8now says:
    @toxicguy101 Dang, you’re right! Case of Inflateamates, just for variety- it’s gonna be a long haul ;)
  7. toxicguy101 says:
    @activ8now you missed something buddy,a
  8. Kingtigon2011 says:
    do you know nothing about the economy
  9. turquoisel says:
    America deserves this $h!tty KARMA.
  10. etower333c says:
    Tax the rich instead, and stop borrowing from China!
  11. vlada881 says:
    haha 11.9 trilion in nov. 2009. Now its 14.145 trilion and its clicking even faster. wow fuck me !!!
  12. Cubatraveler says:
    @dream2last What, never be bankrupt? According to who? Is this like the law of gravity that can never fail? Watch and see what happens.
  13. canto896 says:
    Buying gold is not the solution as Roosevelt’s Gold Confiscation Act ( 5 April 1933) allowing the US government to confiscate all the gold privately owned by the American citizens in order to save the Nation from bankruptcy can still be used .
  14. NocheezRecords says:
    @dream2last Really?
  15. rolficus says:
    papa smurf (benanke) will fix it he loves a challange you will all be proven wrong lol
  16. redyossarian says:
    If America is borrowing more money than it is capable to give back, than my question is: who is borrowing them money and why? China? What is the purpose of this?
  17. drummerforreal1 says:
    @activ8now Ok..Who the heck cares if you have personal debt? I think it’s a good idea to max those cards and stiff along w/mortgage and any tax bill.
  18. swirlcrop says:
    GEORGE4TITLE is a con artist.
  19. dream2last says:
    dream on America can never be bankrupt
  20. andywray2007 says:
    what’s the music?
  21. casienwhey says:
    good video overall and it raises a lot of real issues. My guess is the government will eventually default on the debt either directly or via inflation. Would you pay higher taxes to make interest payments to other countries? Entitlements will be eliminated or significantly cut. There will be protests for sure. Probably will see significant drop in value of dollar too.
  22. motorsportstuning says:
    We have the largest gold reserves in the world? We are far from broke..
  23. lkquad10 says:
    I believe that we do not owe them one red cent. No audit. No interest charged to us.
  24. buzzclick500 says:
    What the Chinese are worried about concerning America is less than important.
  25. PaulRevere2012 says:
    No. If you measure the Length of a dollar bill and multiply by a trillion, you will find I am correct.. I am not using not the height of stacked money.

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