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The death of the US newspaper industry: does it worry you? Do you read a daily newspaper?

America’s newspapers are dying out. Across the country, proud publications are closing down, some among them are over 180 years old. They seek insolvency protection while shrinking into miniature online versions of themselves, desperately awaiting sale like aged whores. It is a shame, at least for those who still like to hold the news in their hands.


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2 Responses to "The death of the US newspaper industry: does it worry you? Do you read a daily newspaper?"

  1. Monica says:
    The newspaper industry does not report new any more that is why people stop reading them. People are tired of reading other the editors and reporters opinions. All we want is actual facts, not propaganda.
  2. eunice says:
    Lets just say I was an avid newspaper reader and had the newspaper delivered everyday for over 25 years. Four Years ago I canceled and never looked back.

    I love it when one of our U.S. newspapers “fold” because they truly deserve to fold. They all have an agenda, spin the news the way they want, and report what they want. More and more newspapers in this country have become spokespeople for the Democratic Party. They lean so far “left” that they are nearly “far right” if you know what I mean.

    I will give you a few examples. I am sure you think everyone in my country just loves President Obama by reading what is in our newspapers. That is really not correct! We are pretty much 50/50 split about how we feel about him. The polls are worded in such a way to make him sound supported by everyone. Anyone can word a poll to get the result they want.

    On our “Tea Party protest” held on April 15 against Obama and his taxing and spending, The next day on the cover of the New York Times was a photo of a new Bishop being ordained here in N.Y. and two photos of a protest being held in Afghanistan of all places. Not a word on the cover about 300,000 people here in this country that protested the day before.

    I could go on and on giving you examples but I would get even a bigger headache than I do now. Obama is in the White House today because of all the wonderful “print” the newspaper gave him. While ignoring who he was running against and not mentioning all the radical friends he has. What drives me up the wall is how people in other countries (like yours) just eat this crap up. I mean front page stories of his new dog???? Meanwhile he is bowing to kings of other countries, shaking hands with Chavas, and constantly apologizing for his own country.

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