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The Future of Credit Counseling – Howard Dvorkin of Consolidated Credit Counseling spoke at the Debt Relief Master Class in July 2011 about his view of the credit counseling industry today, his view of the industry moving forward, and why he forecasts nearly 2/3 of credit counseling agencies will not be around in five years.


  1. I need a reputable credit counseling coumpany for mandatory pre-filing bankruptcy counseling. Who did you use Don’t give me a “debt management” of “consolidation” solution as I will report you as a SPAMMER. I have already...

  2. How to Stay Off the Regulator Radar in Debt Relief -In July 2010 we held a debt relief master class in Raleigh, NC. Here is information about that...

  3. What is Credit Counseling? Learn about Debt Relief Options – Take Charge America, Inc. Do you understand how credit counseling is different from other debt relief options? Mike Sullivan, Director of Education at...

  4. Could A Personal Bankruptcy Attorney At Law At Law Assist You To Steer Clear Of Credit Counseling? A bankruptcy attorney at law can assist you find the way the complex legal maze that’s the bankruptcy system, but...

  5. Cost of Credit Counseling Class for Bankruptcy The costs of credit counseling courses for bankruptcy vary depending on your specific situation. If you are a single filer...

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