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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » “THE GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF DEBT” 9-19-2010


LINK FROM: The problem in very recent history traces back to the September and October months of 2008, when Wall Street investment banks and the US banking system died. These banks have not and will not recover, since they died. Some deaths were obvious, but others remain well hidden. The big banks do not lend money since they are dead, the dirty little secret. Their insolvency is easy to prove, but obscured by altered accounting rules put in place on April 1st 2009. They include generous rules that permit a dead entity to declare itself alive by filing a false accounting report, valuing their own assets at whatever suits their needs. Generally, insolvency plus illiquidity will force bankruptcy. But Wall Street and the Big US Banks use naked shorting of USGovt-backed bonds to produce urgently needed liquidity. All the extreme efforts to revive the US banks are futile. Imagine numerous transfusions of a dead man in the Emergency Room of a hospital, as more blood does not guarantee a resuscitation. More wires and tubes don’t mean squat, since the guy has croaked and his corpse is rotting with a stench spreading into the corridors. The dirty secret, protected from the US public, is that the man died. So Wall Street and the Big US Banks are dead. By withholding the reality, a storm of funding programs has been approved by the USGovt, mostly directed at Wall Street and the Big US Banks. They urgently need liquidity, and are creative how they obtain it.


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  1. JosephHuntington says:
    Ignorance is what keeps America functioning. If the average American knew the treachery and scam already done, government at every level would cease to exist.
  2. Platinummelt says:
    The US and other goverment’s including their leaders are playing with markets and will lead to there downfall. History will be where they tend to stay.
  3. OleksaRuss says:
    US = fail.
  4. OleksaRuss says:
    Yankees – its end
  5. Canuckism101 says:
    American’s can keep on believing that they are the top dog, lol, your dam pride is going to be the fall of you.
  6. TheTime4solutions says:
    @WhoCaresFU Not that pointing a finger will bring a soluton but following the money to find the truth is the first step to gain a critical mass of humanity understanding the true problem and finding real solutions.
  7. TheTime4solutions says:
    @WhoCaresFU its not just one generation its multiple. Since the Rothschild central bankers have taken over the money creation for humanity and used it to create a creditor debtor relationship humanity has been put into a perpetual debt slave position. Agreed the debt slaves allow and perpetuate it but they did not bring it upon themselves it was the Rothschild multigenerational family plan that acomplished th enslavement not the baby boombers.
  8. TheTime4solutions says:
    @redeyestint If you could create money out of thin air in unlimited amounts in secret. You could own all countries. You can fund any govenrment. So the short and simple answer the country never existed so it can keep going as if nothing is wrong because its an illusion of debt slave wold out whore puppets putting on a show to perpetuate the illusion. A puppet show.
  9. TheTime4solutions says:
    @redeyestint The federal reserve bank corporation owned and controlled as all central bank by the Rothschild family creates the federal reserve note out of thin air digitized at no cost unaccountalbe to the subsidiary Rothschild owned and controlled US corporate government but accountalbe to its human owners the Rothschilds. This federal reserve note is then loaned at a unpayable compounding interest rate to the very govenrment that should have created it. false debt to justify extorted theft.
  10. traynickel says:
    @redeyestint The Petro-Dollar and the Military is keeping the Movie Set active. But as you can see with the uprising in Egypt and the Middle East, the status of the Petro-Dollar is in jeopardy. Google: Gulf petro-powers to launch currency in latest threat to dollar …
  11. redeyestint says:
    What I don’t understand is that if this country is bankrupt, what is keeping this government/country still going as if nothing is wrong?
  12. jbster7777 says:
    Americans would not be broke if they organised in communities and offered a local currency or traded goods and services. Started their own small banks! The power is with the people you do the above and you can break away from the Federal Reserve and destroy the banks that are destroying the world!
  13. WhoCaresFU says:
    US = fail. Hopefully soon. So that the baby boomer generation that controls all levels of local, state and national government (that grew up in a free country and turned it into a feminized nanny/police state) has to deal with the BS that they created….
  14. MsMihailescu says:
    The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.
    Le Peuple Juif,February 8,1919
    We have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do the same thing in Europe and America.
    (The Jew,December 1925,Zinobit)
    Read this book for free on internet to understand their plan for us.
    Who Is Esau-Edom…Who Is Esau-Edom.
  15. TheSportCompact says:
    Why don’t people get a clue already. All these banker scum stole the money and acted illegally! No one can profit from illegal activities and all of their assets become fair game for forfeiture and seizure, which is the right thing to do. If all of their assets were seized, all the criminal bankers that is, the debt in the US would be cleaned up. Or how about the fact that where the Fed fabricated the debt we just wipe it out and start fresh. We are not in debt in reality. The Fed says we are!
  16. joe1977poland says:
    @SovereignBlade well perhaps in reality … this country NEVER really existed… you know… something like a “great pretender” or “king without clothes”
  17. traynickel says:
    @tctctctc4 you are CORRECT! Now they are finding out that the Mortgage Back Securities don’t actually have Mortgages in them. Now that’s bad debt.
  18. tctctctc4 says:
    DERIVATIVES….the banksters owe $1.5 Quadrillion of bad debt.  This guy standing in front of the Boston Univ logo is trying to screw US, giving the IMF credibility and blaming US for bad banking investment. These ‘media puppets’ are LIARS. The Federal Reserve private banking cartel is enslaving the USA.
  19. lushfauna says:
    @851212911312 The B.S. wars are trillions
  20. TheTime4solutions says:
    @SovereignBlade because the us govenrment is realy a group of sold out whore puppet stooges who are bought and paid for with debt issue at usury counterfit federal reserve bank corporation notes that in reality are worthless and only a phony justification for extorted theft called tax the debt slave control vehicle.
  21. TheTime4solutions says:
    @851212911312 a private corporation issues the money not the governemnt, this money issued out of thin air digitized into existance at no cost is now loaned to the very government that should have created it without any debt. so we have counterfit money a fake debt and now this corporation makes a deal with its sister corporation in china to sell a fake debt to another shill corporatin to convince the chineese and american people that they now have a debt relationship. LIES for control & power.
  22. partridgecaravan says:
    17% people of the world consuming 70 % of the resources on the planet and spreading democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now this huge debt will look like future Ethiopia! Its still not too late to pack the baggage and get out of Iraq and Afghanistan so at least a trillion dollar per year can be saved. Those free oil are like the mirage and never will come to reality and the cake walk in Iraq and afghanistan are not possible because IED is underneath the cake. Stop killing people and get real!
  23. traynickel says:
  24. 851212911312 says:
    i’ll believe the government is in debt once they break all of their money making machines and stop paying actors and rappers millions of dollars.

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