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The Great Bankruptcy of the United States of America

The great bankruptcy of the United States: America is now run like a disaster. We have politicians that do not see more than the next election, blood sucker elit and businesspersons that trumple all ethical and moral values, and sleep walking people with a strong enough shoulder to carry them. The country is now in a disasterous swirl.


  1. Is the United States on the verge of bankruptcy? If greed were considered the deadly sin that it is by society… their may be a solution to this mess...

  2. Can the United States Government avoid full bankruptcy, and what is the solution? “Is the United States Bankrupt?” by Laurence J. Kotlikoff’will%20the%20united%20states%20go%20bankrupt’ is a recent article published in the Federal Reserve Bank...

  3. The TRUTH About the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT BANKRUPTCY! and National Emergencies! Pt 1 ...

  4. United States Reserves and Debt indicate Deceit ,Treason and National Bankruptcy Clearly The United States is a Captured State being used for the purposes of Global conquest against the interests...

  5. Would $10 gas topple the United States into insolvency? Currently we are squirming at close to $4 a gallon. Truckers are striking already and gas prices just seem to...

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25 Responses to "The Great Bankruptcy of the United States of America"

  1. FreedomForYouAndMe says:
    “We have a deficit in this country of 9 trillion dollars now or something”….Amazing we are now sitting at $16 trillion only 3 years later. In another 3 years someone is going to read this and say “$16 trillion? That’s nothing! What are we doing? Now we are at………”
  2. bennybob1001 says:
    Man, glen beack was such a good commentator before he started to go down the extreme religious tile he’s on now.

    there are millions of people, like myself, that agree with him on fiscal issues and limited government that get turned off every time he mentions the only true solution to the issues come from god.

  3. pandoraishere333 says:
    Let’s shaft the baby boomers! Let them be victims of Bill Gates and David Rockefeller’s depopulation agenda. Let them see what it’s like to live in the streets without food, shelter or access to medications. Time to thin out the useless eaters in our society.
  4. Roylamx says:
    @juniperhill1970 Good points, yes, it is possible to turn this all around, if the American People will wake up to the fact that they are being enslaved by Bankster deception of Fiat currency, designed to enslave them w debt, war, the Police State and everything that goes along w it. If the People even learn the outline of this deception, especially the incorporation of Congress as THE UNITED STATES in 1840′s, the creation of the private Fed in 1913, once they see the trap its easy to get out of.
  5. Roylamx says:
    @babybluesnowden I don’t know if you know how right you are. May I add that these problems go back further than the bankruptcy of 1933, because of Lincoln’s war Congress hasn’t sat as a Quorum since the Southern Congressmen left, so it sits today ‘Sine Die’, or without day, thus justifying Executive Branch Tyranny, IE, Executive Orders, and Government by emergency, as we have today. Also check Corporate Personhood and the incorporation of D.C. as America Inc, calculated government by deception!
  6. babybluesnowden says:
    @clearasvodka Exactly, we only pay on the interest of the act of 1933 with gold. Never touching the principal. They took our property, national parks, our wages and our constitutional citizenship. They made us statutory citizens of the US, created fictitious persons and own us from birth. Our constitutional government has been insolvent since 1933 and now operates under the emergency war powers act.
  7. clearasvodka says:
  8. temporaldisplacement says:
    @DSkeptic86 …and south america.
  9. paranoidpatriot says:
    who do we owe and what is it exactly that was loaned? paper printed with no backing that must be paid back with actual labor. seems like a scam to me.
  10. antoset83 says:
    ohhh well no more cheap holidays to Bali and Phuket, in 2012 were all going to USA- the new BALI where you can buy a hand made silk tailored suit for $6 LOL
  11. antoset83 says:
    ohhh well no more cheap holidays to Bali and Phuket, in 2012 were all going to USA- the new BALI where you can buy a hand made silk tailored suit for $6 LOL
  12. Bibilezoive says:
    ir over we all gonna die AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa
  13. Rizky06 says:
    No problem we will pay it with lead!
  14. screwopenborders says:
    Sorry to break to these greedy corporate bastards but Average Americans don’t owe anything for irresponsible monetary policy. The politicians themselves owe that money. I have to laugh when they say we owe 400k each American, bullshit! Its all a play on words, they can say whatever they want but it doesn’t make it true.
  15. DSkeptic86 says:
    Domius, do you know that Africa, particularly Nigeria, will be the world’s food producer in the future?
  16. DomiusPetri says:
    Clever! Hi, lols. And what does it mean to Africa, where people are starving…
  17. holzpusher says:
    I don’t think it takes especially complicated formulas and figures to confuse Glenn Beck.
  18. pretorious700 says:
    Nice ignorant generalization.
  19. MOPEDBRAD says:
    Hey! Chill out… pocket calculators were only invented 25 years ago.

    Some of them are hard to use….

    They’ll figure it out, just give em 5 more years.

  20. KernelSandersCheckin says:
    not sure you know what capitalism is.

    Government Spending = Not Capitalism
    Individual Spending = Capitalism

    just letting you know.

  21. jaypauldini says:
    ah capitalism isnt it great, castro must be laughing his ass off
  22. danger0usknowledge says:
    Bush appointee Charles Millard Of the US Pension
    Guaranty Corp whose job it was to guarantee the
    pensions of 44 million Americans decided to depart from conservative investment strategy and
    put much of its $64 billion insurance fund into speculative investments in emerging foreign markets, real estate and private equity funds. The decision
    was made just months before the start of the stock market collapse. Another “drown the beast”
    republican no doubt. Grover Norquist is smiling)))
  23. GreatLakesBuffalo says:
    So…… get used to being poor. It’s not that bad. Make sure you have land to garden. The key to your retirement is your garden and how you put up food.
  24. poiounhotmail says:
    US is bankrupt as a price for killing Saddam. Its lies about WMD and its greed over oil. The country itself is destroyed a long time ago: Guns are not meant to bring freedom but to bring death for people, because guns are meant for that particular purpose. What a loser country. Porn everywhere too, lower than animals.
  25. WarDogLRS says:
    Fuck the Government

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