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The Kevin Nealon Show – Jerrod Carmichael

Jerrod Carmichael is $30 away from turning everything around on the Kevin Nealon Show at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, CA. Watch more Jerrod: Carmichael Watch more Kevin Nealon Show: Follow us: Like us:


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25 Responses to "The Kevin Nealon Show – Jerrod Carmichael"

  1. Chrispolowater says:
    I’m looking at $30 bucks that I can use to re-up my Indonesian candle supply or use to bring Kevin back from the brink of financial woes.
  2. HerrKnitler says:
    This guy is genuinely funny. I hope he upgrades to normal sandwiches
  3. seppierocks says:
    hes reall good. hope he makes it big
  4. omarkaya42 says:
    @wordiesdriven29 i’ll bet you do
  5. JustINformU says:
    he’s ok, maronzio vance is funnier. Bring him to your show LAUGH FACTORY
  6. wordiesdriven29 says:
    he is awesome and i really want more from him..
  7. Vivid0Nothing says:
    he’s alright by me.
  8. kaichrono says:
    He’s so cool.
  9. JawheadTV says:
    i reeaaaaaaaally love this guy
  10. eveningfleece says:
    He’s really great
  11. Lumpycpu says:
    this guy is seriously good.
  12. akshayde says:
    oh man this guy is just consistently funny.. the next great since chapelle
  13. Fasil777 says:
    this guy is hilarious lol
  14. benjafflolz says:
    man i’ve watched this guy and his other clips enoughhhh times
    still killin it this guy IS comedy.

    peace out and many thanks laughfactory

  15. Beantuber says:
    This guy really is genuinely funny!
  16. bboybram says:
  17. stoked166 says:
    WOW doug wilson at the beginning ;)
  18. MusicCoca says:
    this guy is awesome! more of him please!
  19. Bengetowutang says:
    LOL love this guy, is he still eating bread sandwiches?
  20. pdholmes85 says:
    Why am I just now hearing about this dude? Funny shit.
  21. filipec86 says:
    loved this guy, more of him please
  22. Crakinbama says:
    Funny without trying to be funny…always the best
  23. alee342 says:
    I rarely actually laugh out loud to myself watching a youtube video. LOVE HIM
  24. dunyafilm says:
    I LOVE Jerrod, and wouldn’t have heard about him without your uploads!
  25. isaacADD says:

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