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The Office – I declare bankruptcy! Michael Scott

The Office – Michael Scott declaring bankruptcy.


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25 Responses to "The Office – I declare bankruptcy! Michael Scott"

  1. MidnightBruiser says:
    This is what the whole country of Greece is shouting right about now ….
  2. adamskiboy528491 says:
    OH GOD!!!!! I MISS HIM!!!!!
  3. tfan68a says:
    Trust me, I work in the industry and there ARE people who think it works about like that.
  4. drast0ne says:
  5. elegantlywasted100 says:
    ‘You can just say ‘bankruptcy’ ‘ classic. I love that guy.
  6. KrfNYC2 says:
    @Ragebait Who’s Brian Dee?
  7. Ragebait says:
    @KrfNYC2 Oi, is this Brian Dee? Remember ItsStevenT? Nice seeing you here.
  8. whatthehellbook says:
    Priceless lol

  9. KrfNYC2 says:
    @MrFackUp Haha…Bravo.
  10. MrFackUp says:
    @KrfNYC2 and then press 1 to see how schocked michael is
  11. KrfNYC2 says:
    @robertg100 Yeah…unfortunately.
  12. robertg100 says:
    @KrfNYC2 lmao, The Nard-Dog’s going at it!
  13. RistBandFrog says:
    @lakerstrufan24 I couldn’t agree more! =’(
  14. gazillionandone19 says:
    this part made me laugh so hard when i first say it
  15. dyn9mite says:
    he didnt say it, he declared it. That makes all the difference :)
  16. guitarmaniac1123 says:
    18 people declare bankruptcy
  17. Boudosaved says:
    and then michael scott’s not your boss no mo!!!
  18. JeffTheNorse says:
    “I declared it.”
  19. MrHongKongBuffet says:
    Oh. Is that how Blockbuster did it?
  20. NormalInc says:
    i didnt said ,i declare it. JAJAJA
  21. 20SpiderPig10 says:
    “i just wanted you to know, you can’t just say the word ‘bankruptcy’ and expect anything to happen…”
  22. KrfNYC2 says:
    @lemons57 I sensed it.
  23. lemons57 says:
    @KrfNYC2 jesus, how did you figure that out?
  24. Professorben112 says:

    Nuoh my god.

  25. KrfNYC2 says:
    @MrsolodoloDGK Thanks brother. I’m just a simpleton who posts his nonsense on youtube. Peace.

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