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The plan is to be a great singer?

This is what I want to get better at: Making my voice sound like a harp, that can turn into a metal anvil and pound the world with a scream and chest voice of pure intensity. I want to be able to also single calm and soft, loud, all notes.

I’m coming at you direct so I can get direct answers.


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One Response to "The plan is to be a great singer?"

  1. Marcus says:
    That’s awesome man. I’m trying to make a voice that is calm and soft. But what are you asking? I mean, if your asking how you could do it, I guess you should start by taking classes. And remember, ANYONE CAN SING!!! Don’t think that there are only certain people born with the gift to sing. Singing is like a sport. Anyone can be good, it just takes a lot of practice and determination.

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